health spa treatments using lavender herbs from your own - vitamin c facial mask essential oils-N

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health spa treatments using lavender herbs from your own ... - vitamin c facial mask essential oils

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-14
health spa treatments using lavender herbs from your own ...  -  vitamin c facial mask essential oils
The cost of spa health services may be high.
Have you considered creating your own home spa with lavender and other herbs from your own herbal garden?
After all the time you plant and take care of herbal plants, get another benefit by using herbs to make herbal cosmetics, in any case herbal tea or herbs are the ingredients for a home spa.
Some people have spaghetti vanilla garden, or salad garden, or even headache Garden, thinking this is your own Spa vanilla garden!
The leaves and petals of lavender or Golden calend flowers are very soft and touch the skin.
Touch the leaves and petals and put them in a glass jar.
Pour enough olive oil into the jar to cover the herbs.
Place the jar on a sunny window and shake for two to three weeks a day.
Filter the oil by pressing the cheese cloth on the solid to remove all essential oils.
Re-seal the jar and place it in a dark place.
This herbal oil should be available for one year.
This soothing lavender oil can be applied directly to the skin or used in the shower.
Soak lavender mosaic in a warm bath.
Or put them in a muslin bag and you'll hang it on the running water when it's full of bathtubs.
Lavender will fill your bathroom with a wonderful fragrance.
Since lavender is known for its calming effect, what better way to relax after a day of gardening than a long soothing bath full of lavender?
Lavender is a natural anti-depression, so put a bowl of dry lavender around the house.
Or, because lavender is known for its claming effect, cook a large pot of water and put it in lavender and put a towel on your head when you bend over.
Breathe in a pleasant smell and feel its soothing properties from the steam on the skin.
Another lovely way to use lavender is to sew them in small bags and place them between the pillow and pillowcase.
This beautiful scent can help you fall asleep.
Calendar can also be used in the bathtub.
A better way to use this herb is as a preservative.
Then touch the leaves and flowers and add olive oil.
It can relieve tingling, cracked lips, cuts and burns.
To make you win the loofah plant Egyptian loofah spa.
For family spa tools, plant plants where plants can be climbed in the sunny condition.
When you harvest it, soak it in the water, soften the brown skin, peel it, and dry it in the sun.
Save seeds for your next annual Spa herbal garden.
Now, let's make some refreshing tea using herbs from the herbal garden for the mini family spa.
Most people think that roses are beautiful flowers, but the buttocks of roses contain more vitamin C than oranges.
The small round ball in the center of the rose is the hip.
Collect them and grind them with a coffee grinder.
Soak in very hot water instead of boiling for about 10 minutes and enjoy your fruit tea.
If you want a cup of calm tea, try chamomile tea or a refreshing cup of tea. try lemon balm.
All of these herbs can be planted in your own yard and will create a wonderful home health spa experience.
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