herbalife nutrition ltd (hlf.n) - organic herbal skin care products

herbalife nutrition ltd (hlf.n)  -  organic herbal skin care products
Herbalife Nutrition Co. , Ltd.
Former Herbalife Co. , Ltd.
Registered in April 4, 2002, it is a global nutrition company.
The company develops and sells weight management, healthy meals and snacks, sports and fitness, energy and targeted nutrition products and personal care products.
Its operations are based on geographic operations in six regions north of the United States; Mexico;
South and Central America;
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA);
Asia Pacific and China.
The company divides the products into five categories: weight management, targeted nutrition, energy, sports and fitness, external nutrition, literature and promotion.
As of December 31, 2016, the company sold and sold about 140 products, including more than 4,700 inventory units (SKUs)globally.
The company's weight management product categories include dietary alternatives, protein shakes, beverage blends, weight loss boosters, and healthy snacks.
Representative products in the weight management category include Formula 1 healthy meal, herbal tea concentrate, protein beverage mixture, personalized protein powder, total amount control, Prolessa Duo and protein bar.
The target nutritional product category includes dietary and nutritional supplements containing herbs, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients.
Representative products in the target nutrition category include aloe concentrate, Niteworks, Garden 7 Botanical nutrient supplements, best defense to improve the immune system, and COQ10 Plus.
The categories of energy, sports and fitness products include the Herbalife24 product line, lifoff energy drinks and H3O hydration drinks.
The categories of external nutrition products include facial skin care, body care and hair care products.
The representative products of the category of foreign nutrition products include kangbaolai skin series and skin activator resistance
Aging series, herbal aloe bath and body care series, nourishing multivitamin skin care series and radiation C anti-oxidation skin care series.
Categories of literature, promotions and other products include start-
Up kit, sales tools and educational materials.
Representative products in literature, promotions and other product categories include International Business packages and BizWorks.
The company works with NuSkin shopises, Nature's Sunshine, Alticor, Melaleuca, Avon Products, Oriflame, Omnilife, Tupperware, MaryMart.
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