holi tips: how to protect your skin and hair - how to make papaya facial mask at home

holi tips: how to protect your skin and hair  -  how to make papaya facial mask at home
We all like this festival very much.
But all the festivals and jubilant do harm to our skin and hair.
Here are some tips to help you prepare before and after: It is very important to prepare your skin for Holi.
The amount of color and water that a person ends up playing on Holi can cause serious damage to your skin unless you are fully prepared in advance.
So, what you should do before venturing out is: Doing so helps to close the pores on the skin, make sure that the color does not penetrate into the skin and cause breakage.
For people with dry or normal skin, I recommend applying oil on your face and body.
Oil will act as a barrier between your skin and color while keeping your skin moist all the time.
You can choose to use coconut oil, castor sesame oil and olive oil.
Let's face it, we don't want to get stuck with ugly nails at the end of it all.
So how do we deal with this simple question?
Paint the nails beforehand so that the color can be easily removed later.
Nail polish will also protect your nails.
As all the colors are splashed around, your lips are sure to touch some color.
Apply Vaseline or lip balm in advance to protect your lips.
After all these steps, you still need your sunscreen.
Be generous with your sunscreen, as the long hours in the sun and water will dry you out.
Apply it 20 minutes before you leave.
The synthetic color can dry your hair and promote the growth of the hair tip.
So, it makes sense to clean up your split hair before you start playing with Holi.
I recommend cleaning and conditioning your hair the night before Holi.
This will ensure that the color does not stick to your hair and scalp due to dirt or dirt on your hair.
You can even apply for leave.
Keep moisturizing in the conditioner.
Oil your hair helps to wash off the color easily.
In addition, it can also prevent hair breakage caused by Holi color.
Massage your hair thoroughly using coconut oil or olive oil to create a protective layer for your hair.
Another trick to protect the hair is to cover the hair with a scarf or headscarf.
Tie your hair to a tight pony or bun and cover them to reduce the effect of synthetic colors.
Before taking a shower and washing off the Holi color, it is important that you wipe off the dry color.
Use the old dry cloth and wipe it on the body and hair to remove the dry color.
Most skin cleaning products on the market are chemical and further damage to the skin while removing the color.
Therefore, please use organic or natural soap and wash your face in order to avoid causing a rash.
Using a natural face bag or mask can help you remove the tough Holi color and restore moisture to your skin.
Immerse the cotton ball in natural oil, preferably in olive oil, and gently rub it in a place where the color is stubborn.
Oil helps to remove color and nourish the skin.
Before you go to bed at night, apply a gentle moisturizer on your face and body.
It is easier to remove stubborn colors from nourishing and moisturizing skin.
Also, since the color will make the skin dry and incomplete, all of this nutrition is a must.
You can also mix the rose water with the calamine lotion and apply it to the skin.
Combing helps to comb the hair and remove all the dry colors in the hair.
Be sure to brush well.
If your hair is badly wrapped, separate it with your fingers instead of using a comb to prevent the hair from breaking.
Wash your hair with cold water before using shampoo.
The idea is to remove as much hair as possible without using shampoo and other chemicals.
Once you remove as many colors as possible, use a gentle organic shampoo.
Don't forget to do deep care for your hair.
After a few days, apply the hair film or package as part of the damage control.
Make a hair film using any of these ingredients and apply--
Lemon and yogurt, eggs and olive oil, bananas and cream.
You can also choose to have hair spa at home to help your hair recover moisture.
If the color has not been completely removed, you can try the following family therapy: Make a pack of mixed honey, papaya and Mugu mitti.
Apply this package in areas where colors still exist.
The color may not disappear at once, but it will definitely fade.
Do this every other day until the color is completely gone.
Make a paste or gram of flour, ginger flour, lemon juice and olive oil.
As before, apply this package in areas where the color is still visible.
Gradually, your skin will return to the natural color, and the glow and synthetic color will be completely removed.
After Holi, it is essential to take care of your skin and hair, but there are also some unnecessary ones.
Contrary to what is widely believed, the use of warm water to remove color can make the situation worse.
Hot water or warm water will keep the color longer.
Instead, only cold water is used to quickly track color removal.
If you can also see the Holi color on your face after a day or two, please avoid the temptation of facial care.
The use of chemicals for bleach and facial care will make your skin more dry and incomplete.
They aggravate the effect of color on the skin and may cause rash and irritation.
Avoid them in the first few days.
Try the natural and organic treatments mentioned above.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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