home-made, off the shelf - how to make papaya facial mask at home

home-made, off the shelf  -  how to make papaya facial mask at home
Everyone is looking for a shop-But I bought it home.
Made food these days.
We shop in organic stores, buy sustainable products, and want something that goes beyond the brand.
This is our home.
In this city, more and more moral enterprises are beginning to flourish.
Whether it's organic dairy, vegetables or vegetarian, these entrepreneurs work on their farms and at home --
Provide you with fresh and nutritious food.
Take trader Koshy for example, Ashley and Sneha Koshy run a family business from their five months
An acre farm in Thiruporur.
They sell organic milk, cheese, ghee, fruits and vegetables.
"We are farmers, but my grandfather broke the pattern.
I am a consultant in the United States. S.
I want to go back here and build an education model for the poor.
When I was traveling around the country, I realized that the land here was very fertile and gave me a lot of good things.
Then I decided to bring beautiful food to the city, "Ashley said.
Although they only started selling in retail stores in July, Koshys had customers long before that.
"Everything on the farm is traditional.
Our eight cows.
Like many years ago, milk was cooked in firewood.
Therefore, our dairy products have the smoke and sweetness that customers like.
"We do not add water and ship it in stainless steel containers," he said . ".
The organic farm, located off East Coast Road, also runs dairy and organic produce, and owner ALADI mahadwan has been selling green vegetables in the city for more than 12 years.
"We grow 23 kinds of rural vegetables --
"Gourd, vegetables, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, as well as fruits such as lemon, papaya, guava and sapota," Alladi said . ".
"We also sell butter.
He also sells farm products such as verver, vermin-
Compost, maple cake powder, sesame oil and so on.
"People buy organic vegetables mainly for health and then for taste.
"Because there are no pesticides, they also cook faster," he said . ".
Not only does the city have organic food, but vegetarian food is slowly growing.
Natraj from Oroville has brought some innovation in this field. A home-
Nilesh Nisar and his wife Geeta started doing business at their house five years ago.
Natraj is a brand of nutritious snacks.
"We were initially a small problem starting with Oroville.
Two things we focus on are food quality and hygiene.
"We started with vegan cashew toffee and then tried dried fruit laddus," Nilesh said . ".
When the products were well received in the Oroville vegetarian community, it has expanded to puduchry and the nearest Chennai.
"Now we have split a room in the house just to manage the room and hire about 15 local women.
"Today's products include dark, fruit, nuts and walnut chocolate (vegan)
Honey series with figs and honey, amla and honey and 12 elements (
Snacks made from 12 ingredients).
All these entrepreneurs pay special attention to moral practice.
"Our cows are treated better than us," Ashley laughed . ". “They are hand-
Massage, we had a fire near their cottage on a cold night so they were warm.
The food they eat is grown on the farm and they can eat grass on two acres of land.
In addition, we make compost ourselves, make our own feces, and use nee oil and cow dung as pesticides.
Ashley soon hoped to establish a network of farmers to increase the variety and quantity of agricultural products.
ALADI's farm started like other farms, and in 1993 the family decided to turn the organic farm into an organic one.
"The old approach means a lot of crop loss, and we do that when we realize the benefits of organic food.
"Our milk is not blackened or skimmed," he said . "
ALADI also asked the children to come and teach them organic families, "In fact, we even teach math for a group of students who use farms," he said . ".
There is no oil, khova, preservatives or milk for Natraj's products.
"We don't want anything that will harm people's health, so all our attention is focused on producing high-quality vegetarian products," Nilesh said . ".
"The way we give back to society is by hiring these women.
The company produces 3,000 toffees and 1,200 laddus daily.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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