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home remedies for body acne - treat this skin problem ... - aloe vera based skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-28
home remedies for body acne - treat this skin problem ...  -  aloe vera based skin care products
Acne or unusual acne is a collective term for a variety of skin problems.
Pimples, pustules, pimples, nodules, cysts, needles, pimples and pimples with white heads are all different forms of acne.
There's acne-
Most people rest with the beginning of puberty.
For some, however, it may last until the age of 30 or even higher. Over-
Active oil glands and hormonal disorders are two fundamental causes of acne.
Bacteria, dust, dirt, and smoke are mixed with accumulated oil or sebum, causing acne.
We often complain about pimples on our faces, but we often ignore them.
This is because the face is seen by everyone, and most of the acne on the body is hidden outside of sight.
But this is the incorrect way to deal with beauty related issues.
Our whole body from head to foot is important to us, so we have to take care of the whole body, not just the face.
Body Acne usually occurs in the neck, arms, chest, shoulders, legs and hips.
Ranging from mild to moderate or severe.
It may be inflammatory, non-inflammatory.
Inflammatory or combined.
Pustules, pimples, nodules, and cysts fall into inflammatory categories, while pimples or pimples and pimples of the white head fall into non-inflammatory categories
Type of inflammation.
Body acne can be very painful at times, and the effects of sweat and on new cosmetics, tights and synthetic fabrics, sensitive skin and rough soap and laundry detergent can worsen the condition. 1.
Shower regularly and use defense
Bacteria soap or sa-
Wash your body while taking a bath. 2.
Do not let the sweat settle on the body because it will attach dust, dirt and bacteria, further clog the pores and aggravate acne.
Wipe with a clean towel. 3.
Creams or creams containing peroxide may be helpful. 4.
Gently massage the aloe vera gel in the affected area.
This can relieve and cure the damage. 5.
Mix yogurt with green juice or strawberry juice and apply to areas affected by acne.
This will cure acne in the body. 6.
Make a paste of cucumber and apply it to the skin.
Rinse after 20 minutes.
This is an effective family drug for the treatment of acne in the body. 7.
The application of tea tree oil can also treat acne in the body. 8.
Keep your hand away from the face affected by acne as it will only help to bring bacteria, dirt and oil to other parts of the body.
Wash your hands over and over. 9.
Keep the sheets clean.
If the linen is dirty, your skin gets dirt as you lay on it.
This will clog and infect pores and worsen acne in the body.
10 avoid refined sugar, iodine-11. Drink 8-
10 glasses of water per day, the toxins in the body. 12.
To solve the problem of acne in the body, take zinc and vitamin A supplements.
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