home remedies for facial masks dry skin health articles - natural recipes for reducing puffy eyes ...

home remedies for facial masks dry skin health articles - natural recipes for reducing puffy eyes ...
The swollen eyes are not a situation of being taken lightly among women;Indeed, this is a very serious problem.I don't know how you look at your swollen eyes.You may be the kind of person that deals with skin problems, or you may be the exact opposite, just wanting to curl up and die instead of showing yourself to the outside world like you do.You have to keep in mind that there is a reason for eye edema, and in most cases it can be treated for edema or for the eyes to be coiled around with dark circles.Eye edema (eye swelling) may occur due to multiple factors.The skin around the eyes is fragile and sensitive and is filled with blood vessels.The usual swollen eyes that we all may suffer at some point due to lack of sleep or crying will disappear over time after our treatment to reduce edema.Unfortunately, if the eyes are swollen and the two given causes are not the problem, then we are looking for another cause.
Swollen eyes are also symptoms of other eye diseases, which in most cases are more than just bathing in cold water.If the swollen eye is severe and persistent and you suffer from pain and blurred vision, then it will be seen as something that requires medical care.Your eyes need a test from an eye specialist (optician.Common causes of eye edema include fluid retention, stress, allergy and hormonal changes, and other causes.If the eyes expand because of crying, this is due to the body's reaction to emotions and causes extra blood to flow around the eye socket, resulting in swelling.If the production of tears is extreme, it will bring pressure to the eyes.Fatigue is another common cause of swollen eyes.This can happen because too much sodium in the diet can cause moisture retention.If you tend to treat your swollen eyes at home, then you have to be sure why this happens.In any case, tired eyes are out of date for treatment, but you need to stay away from it if it's something more serious.The eyes are delicate organs and you can't afford to practice with solutions/remedies that you're not familiar with, and more importantly, if you don't have a problem identified by a GP or optician,Before approving any new treatment for edema of the eyes, the treatment of edema of the eyes and the remedy of the family are given a second opinion from the doctor.If we want to treat you to "be sure" that it is not edema caused by other eye diseases, then you can consider trying the options below to eliminate eye edema.The treatment given has successfully treated the patient and their eye problems, but it may not work for another person for one person.Bathe your eyes in cold water to limit sodiumDrink's intake to drink a lot of water and rinse your system off. Place cool cucumber slices on your eyes, or use aloe vera and vitamin e to soothe your eyes for a long break to avoid staying up late if you find that the cause of your swollen eyes is due to an allergic reaction, then stop using anything that causes your eyes to swell.Specific beauty products are responsible for eye irritation.No matter how much you like a particular product, you have to discard it and expel it from your product --up bag.What's more, the blue eyeshadow you like, or the popular two-color mascara, or your eyesight?I can't stress too much. if the skin of the eyes is uncomfortable, how important it is to disappear immediately.In addition to normal edema, swollen eyes may also be caused by disease.We also know about hangover, hormonal fluctuations, allergies and fatigue.Focus your attention on these aspects and you are well on the road to healing your problems.For some, swollen eyes or baggy eyes are a genetic trait that is one of the nature of life that we cannot intervene in.However, there are a few things we can recognize and do to help me put the situation down at hand.Reduce the swollen eyes to cool the swollen skin around the eyes and reduce the edema as easily as possible. Cold Eye and cream wrap an ice cube with a cloth, gently tap the eyes to cool the two spoons, and the potato strip that is frozen on the eyes above can effectively relieve the cold, it has a good healing effect in helping to reduce edema and irritation, and can be used as frequently as possible to eliminate edema eyes.Avoid hot water;This is what we use to remove dirt and dirt, not a problem here.No matter what the body part is, friction is not good for the body's skin to stop completely.Gentle slapping or smearing actions should be used at any time.The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, and the repeated touch of the skin that wraps the eyes can aggravate the allergy and make the allergy more irritable, red and itchy, resulting in swelling of the eyes.If you wear contact lenses, remove them before going to bed to avoid irritation and dry eyes.Increase the intake of water throughout the day to help remove swollen eyes.When the human body is dehydrated (which may be caused by alcohol or disease), it stores water as a defense mechanism.This built-Water sports can make your eyes loose or swollen.8-10 glasses of water per day is the recommended amount of drinking water to reduce water accumulationImprove loose eyes.Reduce the intake of salt, because too much will lead to water retention in your body.Prevent swelling of eyes: Raise your head and sleep.Don't drink too much water/liquid before going to bed.Do not use wrinkle cream near your eyes as it moisturizes your skin and therefore causes edema.Avoid oil-Based on cosmetics.Oil can cause swelling and inflammation of the skin under the eyes.Water-The foundation is more ideal.Remove makeup every night because it can fill pores and cause swelling.If you are not lucky, your eyes are swollen a lot for any reason and find a way to reduce your eyesight, then you can try to cover up your problem tired eyes with cosmetics.Upper eyelid edema: If eye edema occurs in the upper eyelid area, you can consider using dark eye shadow.Choose two coordinated shades.Brush dark shadows down from the eyebrows to the creases of the eyelids, then light shadows down from the creases to the lashes.Edema of the eye: the use of ordinary foundation helps to cover up edema of the eye.If the swelling is very obvious, the base of the affected area should be darker than the base color used in other parts of the face.Take care of your eyes and keep them healthy.Healthy Eyes will help prevent more serious situations from happening.Astigmatism occurs when the front of the eye is an egg shape rather than a normal curve shape.If this happens, every possibility of distance and close vision becomes blurred.Astigmatism can cause headaches or make patients too sensitive to light.The old flower eye is an eye disease related to age.As we get older, the lenses of our eyes become thicker and slowly lose elasticity, resulting in a gradual decline in our ability to focus on close objects.The difference between glaucoma is that the pressure inside the eye increases, which can damage the vision and the ability to see clearly.Cataract is part of the eye called the blur of the crystal.Because the light cannot reach the back of the eye through a blurry lens, the vision becomes blurred or dim.These are all signs of what may happen through unhealthy eyes.
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