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Home Remedies that Work! - how to make facial mask using baking soda and lemon

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-23
Home Remedies that Work!  -  how to make facial mask using baking soda and lemon
For common health diseases, we usually only need simple home therapy and natural therapy.
Learn something, stop spending time or money in a doctor's office or pharmacy.
Instead, you can start building your own home drug collection for natural health therapies.
The following remedies do not contain harsh chemicals or substances that cause side effects like drugs.
Simplify your life and save your budget by trying these cheap and safe home remedies and natural remedies.
Jerry Baker: simple natural therapy
Maybe you remember Jerry Baker, who wrote that popular book about simple home solutions to gardening problems.
The same person, same effective but very simple solution, but he came to the house.
There is no gardening technique here, it is simple therapy about your body and common diseases.
Those who seek the natural therapy for drugs will love the book and think it is a good resource.
Kiss your migraine. Bye!
Headache relief almost immediately
No unpleasant side effects from traditional painkillers?
If Gatorade does not work and you are prone to headaches, consider evaluating your lifestyle and finding out why.
There are many kinds of headache problems, each with its own trigger.
Some bad habits that cause headaches include poor posture, poor diet (avoiding wheat, grains, sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives), and dehydration.
As we all know, artificial sweeteners, especially ASBA sweet, can cause migraine in many people, so avoid all diet products.
Daily intake may work.
However, keep in mind that changes in diet do take some time to work.
And emotional freedom technology.
EFT is often very effective in relieving multiple types of pain, usually within a few minutes.
There is also a sore throat, a feeling of infection, nasal congestion, etc.
Clean up your nose
The strange thing is that they are powerful and will most likely let you breathe again right away. Sunshine!
Your body produces vitamin D in the sun, which plays a key role in your immune system, so getting vitamin D levels is the number one defense against colds and various infections. .
Put a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in each ear.
You may hear some bubbling sound (normal) or you may feel a slight sting.
Wait for the blistering and tingling to stop (about 5 to 10 minutes ).
Then tilt your head and let it flow to the tissue and repeat it with another ear. .
Just make sure you use raw or unrefined honey.
Most of the honey sold in the United States is highly processed or refined.
These and other refined foods can actually promote disease and harm your health, not help you.
Stop at the local health food store and eat some honey, honey-
True, raw, or unrefined
There are many benefits here.
For sore throat, Mix 1/4 cups of vinegar with 1/4 cups of honey and take 1 tablespoon 6 times a day.
Vinegar kills bacteria.
No more motion sickness.
Can help you avoid motion sickness, but only eat motion sickness when the first symptom occurs.
This is because olives contain Danic acid, a substance that helps eliminate saliva that causes nausea.
Help ease motion sickness.
Ginger can be used as a form of capsule, powder or tea, or as a form of liquid extract or tinc agent.
You can also make tea with dry herbs by putting about a teaspoon of herbs into a tea filter and then in a cup of hot water.
Don't eat sugar if you have.
Try honey or stevia. (EFT).
You can get carsick anytime, anywhere, and you can do that.
EFT balances your energy system to calm down your motion sensor, which will relieve the symptoms of motion sickness.
Use these natural remedies to relieve those painful muscles and joints.
Not just breakfast!
Mix 2 cups of Quaker Oats and 1 glass of water in a bowl and heat it in the microwave for 1 minute.
Let it cool down a little and then apply the mixture to your hands to relieve arthritis pain.
Relieve joint pain through Epsom salt bath. olive oil.
Let the mixture be placed for 30 minutes and then apply it as a massage oil to relieve muscle pain instantly.
Make your toenails look healthy again and make your feet happy.
A super-powerful preservative.
Foot massage for treating fungi.
I don't know why it is, but it is.
Because sugar is the food of fungus.
Or spend some time in the sea.
The combination of salt water, sunlight and fresh air will kill the fungus.
And the water on the feet, especially the toes every day. Let it dry.
Pour the mouthwash of the sports drink on the cotton ball with mouthwash and wipe your feet.
If you continue to do so for a week or so, alcohol will completely disinfect the bacteria.
Try this treatment for urinary tract infections. Alka-
When symptoms arise, place the tablets in a glass of water and drink them. Alka-
Seltzer began to eliminate urinary tract infection almost immediately.
Although the product has never been advertised for this purpose.
It also helps to relieve the symptoms of urinary system infection.
Those who are easy to get UTIs are wise to drink cranberry juice regularly for prevention. for hiccups.
There are many better options that do not involve increasing insulin. .
This is the most effective way I have ever used to treat hiccups. . Works for me!
Please think twice about the diet with low salt content.
To avoid high blood pressure a few decades ago, a low-salt diet was recommended.
So why do more Americans today have high blood pressure than 30 years ago? Consider that. . .
Your blood is 94% of water, your brain is 85% of water, and your soft tissue is 75% of water.
This combination of water, salt and potassium together regulates the water content of the body.
Therefore, every cell in our body has fresh water in the cell and salt water outside the cell, and your health depends on the delicate balance between this salt and water.
In his book "keep healthy with salt" * dr.
David Brownstein wrote about studying salt in medical school can lead to high blood pressure, so we should keep a low profilesalt diet.
However, he began to note that his high blood pressure patients had little benefit from low blood pressure
Most of them also have low mineral content.
Looking for ways to help these patients, he found unrefined salt, which contained more than 80 trace minerals.
His high blood pressure patients began to eat unrefined salt and they found that their blood pressure actually dropped a lot so that they were able to stop taking the pressure medicine.
His book salt your path to health will show you how adding the right salt to your diet can help with adrenaline disorders, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, fatigue, headaches, immune system function and thyroid disease
In a study of nearly 3,000 men with high blood pressure,
Salt diet increased heart attack by 430% compared to men who ate high saltsalt diet.
Sea salt has a lot of benefits for health. eat it today!
The digestive system also needs refined salt to absorb food properly.
Refined salt can also be used to alleviate: asthma symptoms, stress symptoms, kidney problems, depression, bladder control, diabetes, irregular heartbeat, gout, muscle cramps, osteoporosis (bone hardness from salt instead of calcium), varicose veins, etc.
People with asthma, edema, and cystic fibrosis can remove mucus and sputum from their lungs as long as they use salt and drink clear water.
Men with erection problems may try to eat more salt and drink more ordinary water.
Eating salt and drinking clear water before exercise will help you breathe better and reduce sweating.
Because almost everything we eat contains potassium, we need to add salt to our food.
This will allow our bodies to maintain a healthy water balance between the internal and external pools of our blood cells and prevent high blood pressure. Low-
A salt diet has also been shown to increase levels of total cholesterol and low-density cholesterol as well as fasting insulin.
* "ABC of asthma, allergy and erythema" (p. 144-
Celtic sea salt has the highest mineral content.
Few would like to suggest this natural therapy, such as simply changing the kind of salt we consume.
One reason for high blood pressure is the lack of fresh water inside the blood cells, called high blood pressure.
There were significant differences between salt and potassium, which had an opposite effect on hypertension (Brownstein, MD ).
It is not recommended to drink sea salt with water, at least not often.
Instead, at this rate, take it with one of the following methods: 1/8 teaspoons of unrefined sea salt per 16 ounces of water you drink every day.
Drink a glass or two of clear water, then put a little salt at the end of your tongue and let it dissolve.
Wash it with water.
Put the excess salt on your food.
You may need to taste very salty food, so start with small things.
If you're salt
The sensitive thing is that you can get some empty capsules and put the capsules you need into them and take them with the food.
Think twice before you sell banana peel.
There are many ways that can be repeated here for home remediation.
The potassium content of bananas is naturally high, so they promote the growth of plants.
Bananas are delicious if you make compost.
But even if you don't compost, you can use banana peel and even mud the whole banana and bury it with soil.
Wipe the skin of the shoes and make them beautiful and shiny.
: Rubbing the inside of the banana peel while the bug bites helps relieve itching.
: The oil in the banana peel will help to relieve the pain caused by burns and scratches.
: Apply the banana peel to the body with tape or tape.
Continue until the FAC disappears.
First line: banana peel can be used to make the leaves of the plant shine like shiny shoes.
: Similar to mass removal, apply a piece of peel on the debris and cover it with tape or tapeaid.
Enzymes help to remove debris and heal the wound.
: Rub the inside of the banana peel on your teeth every day for two weeks and watch them light.
Did a good ointment for Burns? !
I learned this from the Vietnam vet and it was charming!
You can even put some flour in the fridge like I did, just because the cold flour feels much better (don't burn under cold water first ).
Plant burn plants around, then snap off a piece and squeeze some juice inside the burn.
No more burning, no blisters, no problems.
And set up a band. Aid over it.
Honey can kill bacteria, keep the skin sterile and speed up healing.
In fact, some people say it will succeed overnight.
See more remedies for acne below.
On all the pieces, let dry and peel the dry glue out of the skin.
The pieces stick to the Velcro. as a compress.
The acid in the tomato can relieve the pain and bring the boil to the apex.
A powerful preservative and balm.
Apply to the bruises for 1 hour
Vinegar can reduce the blue hair and speed up the healing.
Contains ingredients that attack the oil that causes rash and painful itching. Preparation H.
It can also work on the eyes!
About 10 minutes on the eyes.
Wipe out fleas, mites and smells in a flash!
In the ears of your dog or cat. . .
Massage in and clean with cotton balls.
Repeat 3 days a day.
This oil can soothe the skin, inhibit mites and accelerate healing. do the trick.
Drop a few drops in your dog's tub and clean the animals thoroughly.
Kill fleas instantly
Rinse clean to avoid skin irritation. Good-bye fleas!
Much cheaper than pet shampoo.
Instantly let your dog smell the freshness of spring.
Give your pet food and give them a healthier, shiny fur coat.
Natural sea salt is also good for our pets!
Why do you think farmers offer salt licking to their cattle?
Or why did the Hunter lick the deer with salt?
Animals crave salt, which is vital to their survival and health. being.
Why do you think dogs lick this? happy?
He's stealing salt from your skin.
Improve the health of pets by adding a small amount of sea salt to their food.
Don't forget honey, dear. . .
And cinnamon.
Did you know that honey is the only food on Earth that will not deteriorate or rot?
When it stays in a cool place for a long time, it may be like sugar because it will crystallize.
When this happens, just loosen the lid and boil some water and put the honey container in hot water.
Then turn off the heat and let it liquide and the honey is as good as the new one.
Don't cook honey, and don't put it in the microwave because it will kill the enzymes in the honey.
Daily use of honey and cinnamon powder can enhance the immune system and protect the body from bacteria and viruses.
Large amount.
Frequent use of honey can enhance white blood cells against bacterial and viral diseases.
Finding a mixture of honey and cinnamon is a very effective treatment for most diseases without any side effects.
Although honey is sweet, it can even be used by people with diabetes if taken at the right dose.
Dear, be careful where you get honey.
Most of the honey sold in the grocery store is not real honey, but a mixture of chemicals and additives that look and taste like honey.
Get it from reliable beekeepers, if you can, or other more reliable sources.
The list below includes some diseases that can be successfully treated with honey and cinnamon.
The claims were studied by Western scientists and published by World Newsweek, Canada, in January 17, 1995.
Paste honey and cinnamon powder on the bread instead of jelly and jam.
Eating it regularly for breakfast can reduce cholesterol in the arteries.
Frequent use can relieve respiratory loss and strengthen heartbeat.
As the age increases, the arteries and veins lose elasticity and are blocked;
Honey and cinnamon rejuvenate the arteries and veins.
A cup of hot water, two spoons of honey and a small spoon of cinnamon powder.
Even those with chronic arthritis have reported a significant relief in pain after drinking this mixture every day.
Adding two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and a teaspoon of honey to a cup of warm water can destroy bacteria in the bladder.
Mix two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon powder in 16 ounces of tea.
When taking this mixture for cholesterol patients, it was found that cholesterol levels in the blood were reduced by 10% in just two hours.
If taken three times a day, even chronic cholesterol can be released.
In addition, pure honey taken daily with food can relieve complaints about cholesterol.
For three days, one tablespoon of mild honey and 1/4 tablespoons of cinnamon powder per day.
This process can cure most chronic coughs, colds and clear the sinus.
Cinnamon powder honey relieved stomach pain and gas pain.
Ulcers can also be removed from the roots.
Cinnamon powder is sprinkled on two tablespoons of honey and taken before the food relieves acidity and digests the heaviest food.
Tea made of honey and cinnamon powder, taken regularly, can eliminate the pain of old age.
Take 4 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder, 3 cups of water and make tea.
Drink 1/4 cups, three to four times a day.
It keeps the skin fresh and soft and old.
Life has also increased, and even 100-year-olds start doing household chores under the age of 20year-old.
Mix three tablespoons of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
Apply to pimples before going to bed and wash with warm water the next morning.
If you do it for two weeks a day, it removes acne from the roots.
Applying honey and cinnamon powder in equal portions of the affected site can cure eczema, ringworm and all types of skin infections.
Half an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach every morning, before going to bed at night, drink a cup of boiled honey and cinnamon powder.
If taken regularly, even the most obese will lose weight.
Also, even if people may eat high-calorie foods, regular consumption of this mixture does not allow fat to build up in the body.
Recent studies in Japan and Australia have shown that advanced gastric and bone cancers have been successfully cured.
Patients with this type of cancer should take a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder every day for one month, three times a day.
Recent research has shown that the sugar content of honey is helpful for the strength of the body.
Older people who eat honey and cinnamon powder are more alert and flexible. Dr.
Milton said adding half a tablespoon of honey in a glass of water and sprinkled cinnamon powder increased the body's vitality in a week, taking it twice a day.
Add a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder to the hot water to rinse and keep it fresh all day long.
It is said that taking the same amount of honey and cinnamon powder every morning and evening can restore hearing loss. Zap those Zits!
No acne!
Apply the mask on your face regularly and add yogurt to your daily diet. powder.
Apply the mixture to acne for the night.
There are two ways to improve the skin.
You can drink aloe vera juice regularly, or you can use the gel directly on your skin.
Aloe vera can even grow in pots.
It's also great to treat acne.
Gently apply with a cotton ball and wash it off after ten minutes.
Used in many cosmetics, it is a gentle skin exfoliating agent.
It can remove dead skin, clean and clog pores deep.
You may feel a little tingling when you use it for the first time.
Because the baking powder will burn, you must use baking soda instead of baking powder.
Baking soda acne mask is one of the simplest family remedies and is very effective.
Use it no more than 3 times a week at the beginning in order to get the skin used to it before you use it more frequently.
When you apply it to the skin, it should be consistent and not too runny, so don't dilute too much.
Wash your face and dry it before applying the mask.
Gently apply the mixture to the skin and keep it for a while.
It is important to clean thoroughly so that baking soda is not dropped.
Due to the exfoliating effect of baking soda, your skin will feel soft.
If this home remedy works for you, you can repeat it several times a week.
Your skin may get dry in the first place, so be sure to moisturize after using this mask.
In order to maintain a good pH of the skin, after removing baking soda, you can try to splash on your face with diluted apple cider vinegar.
Vinegar can play the role of toner, but because of the bad smell, it was washed out in a minute.
This is a problem even after acne is cured.
Mint juice is a simple solution to remove acne scars.
Every night on the scar, wash off every morning.
You may see the results in a few weeks.
On a cold January, I couldn't get rid of a bad cold.
I tried a few times on the counter medication.
The first one made me too dry, and my skin started peeling like a sunburn!
The second pharmacy product was Alka Selzer Plus and I ate it for a few days before I noticed that one of the ingredients was assweet. Geez!
Then I went for the natural medicine and found a medicine that I could easily mix with the basic ingredients already in the kitchen --
Eliminated all symptoms in less than 24 hours!
This is after a few weeks of sore throat. -that\'s it!
Take a few tablespoons a day, just like taking cough syrup.
You can also mix in hot tea.
Or follow the recipe in the above picture.
Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon of honey each.
Simple, good effect!
It's better to use organic apple cider vinegar (Braggs is a good brand) and also get real honey instead of a replacement for most grocery stores. Cinnamon-
About a teaspoon.
Slice lemon and ginger in 12-16 oz jar.
Pour honey (organic) slowly on it.
Let the honey sink around the lemon and ginger slices.
When Honey fills all the gaps, make sure there is enough honey to cover the top of the lemon slice.
Close the jar and put it in the fridge and it will turn into jelly.
To serve: scoop the jelly into the cup and pour boiling water on it.
Can be stored in the refrigerator 2-3 months.
Ginger is one of the oldest and most popular medicinal spices.
It helps digestion and assimilation.
Prevent colds, flu, motion sickness and dizziness.
Relieve menstrual cramps, nausea, heartburn, migraine, sore throat, exhaustion, fatigue and constipation.
Relieve stomach flu and food poisoning. Potent anti-
An inflammatory compound called Ginger.
Powerful pain killer for joint, muscle and nerve pain. Immune-
Promotion and reproduction
Combat ability.
Provide protection and relief for E.
C. E. coli, Portuguese infection and white rosary beads.
In ancient times, Ginger was considered a spiritual cleaner used to awaken and purify the body, mind and spirit in the holy days.
Add fresh ground ginger into the water to make a liter of ginger water or tea.
Then let the steep 10-20 minutes.
Add fresh honey
Lemon juice can be squeezed out to add flavor.
This also increases its protection and therapeutic performance.
Freshly squeezed ginger with apples and celery is a vibrant and immune-enhancing drink.
Who would have thought you could eliminate the pain with simple kitchen ingredients like salt, honey, cloves and other spices?
In your kitchen.
Good natural therapy and drug alternatives.
Before tightening the screw, attach it to the thread of the screw.
A cleaner that can kill bugs? .
Insects fall to the ground in an instant.
It is cheaper, cleaner and safer than the harsh chemicals sold by hardware stores. on the areas.
The flaws will soon disappear and your furniture and pocket books will also be saved.
Wipe the plate on the cotton ball.
After washing with water, you have a brand new disc!
Tough knots like shoe laces help unlock them.
Instead, make pancakes, waffles and other fluffy breads.
A liter of water.
Take the liquid sponge to the inside of the window to prevent frost from winter.
Let it disappear quickly. ?
Bleeding constantly on the wound.
No more Organization squares!
: Don't ask how it works, but it does!
Remove unwanted dandruff from the scalp.
Or two cups, then make a paste with water, lemon or vinegar.
Apply the paste in the dyeing area and let it sit for an hour before washing.
To clean mirrors and windows continuously-free finish.
Vase to prevent water build up
Mucus caused by bacteria.
Like chlorine in the pool. Flea-
(Not detergent) it can be used as a dog shampoo due to its flea killing ability.
Until the stain dissolves, then wash the clothes as usual.
However, wash the Coke before it dries.
: Do you need to remove a stain before tomorrow?
Cover it up on flaws (better to use bands-
The natural antibacterial properties of honey will clear the bacteria in the morning.
The dribs and drabs cleared through the tank opener are built on gears all year round.
The wax will also rub off on the gear to protect future use. WD-
There is also a piece of cloth, just spray the wall and wipe it with a cloth to remove stubborn crayons from the wall. .
So, simply draw a line at your door where you have a problem with these nasty little animals and they don't cross it, meaning they can't get into your house
: Vinegar is a magical miracle in gardening.
It can not only kill weeds, but also help flowers grow.
Around your garden, prevent weeds from coming out and help your flowers to be healthy and strong.
And throw it in the dryer.
It removes static electricity from your clothes and can last for a year.
Give the shoes a professional and natural gloss that will last for a long time.
Make a paste with half a glass of water.
Dip the brush into the paste and scrub the grill.
Debris and black residue will fall off much faster and using baking soda is much safer and cheaper than using clean chemicals.
Rich in nutrients and vitamins that are very beneficial to the soil.
That's why some people include it in the compost pile.
If you want to make the most of your coffee, pour some reason where you want more grass or flowers.
It can replace the need of shaving cream and provide a lot of water.
Remove static electricity from clothes, TV screens, or your own hair. Tame fly-
Keep away from the stock by running the dryer sheet on them.
Also, try to use the dryer sheets as a bug-proof agent.
At least 2 hours before use.
Once you burn them, the wax melts at a slower rate, making them last longer!
Then go into the garbage disposal system to run.
The acidity of the lemon will allow your sink to get rid of all the scents and leave a fresh scent that usually lasts for months. Burnt-
When you scrub/wash, the lumps on the tablets and cooking residue will fall off easily.
To scratch, then rub with a cloth until the scratch disappears.
Make sure the glass is clean beforehand.
Put in the powder and add the bathtub to soothe the skin while soaking.
You may not feel relieved when you are in the bathtub, but you will feel it soon.
As the holder of each pair.
Give your pet food to prevent the formation of the ball.
Thick oil can help the fur to pass through the animal's system faster and easier.
Products like Pepsi or Coca-Cola.
A drink with strong acidity will eat the oil until it is clean.
: Scrubbing is a good method once a month to remove dead skin and bacteria accumulated in pores and remove excess oil on the skin.
As good as expensive products, it will definitely bring a clearer and smoother skin tone.
Take out the lint in the dryer.
Well, it can do the same thing from the dryer as well.
Use the dryer when you are repairing.
It is as effective as a lint brush, and this is an extra benefit if you like the smell.
The night before you handled it.
The paper absorbs the smell, greatly reducing or completely eliminating the smell.
: When hammering with a nail, the Wall leaves ugly pieces.
Where you want to nail.
The wall will stay tighter to prevent chips from happening.
Turn into a glass of water.
Then apply it to the affected area with a cloth or cotton ball.
Red drops, and most importantly, the itch usually disappears in 15 minutes.
Make your whites extra white.
You can add bleach or detergent with lemon juice, so don't worry about mixing chemicals with acidic lemons.
Twice a day on your teeth for two weeks and you get the same effect from your teeth --whitening kit.
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