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Homemade Aromatherapy Cleanser Recipe - how to make sandalwood facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-23
Homemade Aromatherapy Cleanser Recipe  -  how to make sandalwood facial mask
Essential Oil is the real core and soul of aromatherapy. .
My first interest in aromatherapy was when a good friend, who was also a beauty therapist, took a course in her salon and used the oils in many treatments.
At first I used essential oils for deep tissue massage and I found this massage to be very beneficial as the essential oils are quickly absorbed through the skin and lymphatic system.
Then they go into the blood and start to cast their magic, whether it's to fight
To give a few examples, fatigue, stress relief or inflammation relief.
In my opinion, each box of skin has its own lotion and potion.
It's a win-win for your skin, pocket, and making your own luxury is simple, fun and helpful when you follow simple recipe instructions.
Is the first step in the skin care procedure and is important to everyone including teenagers, men and women.
I heard you say why you're using aromatherapy recipes!
They have the ability to heal.
They smell sacred because they are all natural, not synthetic.
They are very practical.
They save you money.
They are good for the body and mind.
They are completely natural and do not have harmful chemicals, fillers and synthetic ingredients.
You can use them in a variety of homemade skincare products, hair care products, household cleaners, massage oils, perfumes, made as diffuser and candles, which makes them very versatile and effective natural ingredients.
Essential oils are small molecule oils extracted from the roots of flowers, stems, leaves, trees, shrubs, grass and herbs.
Essential Oil is the true essence of plants.
For example, it takes a lot of flowers to produce the smallest drop of oil, so why is it so concentrated.
Considering that there are millions of molecules in a drop of essential oil, one or two drops are usually enough to be used in a cleaner.
The fact that molecules are so tiny makes their absorption on the skin so easy, and it is also easy to be sucked into the respiratory and lung.
What kind of essential oil do I like best?
It may be daunting to know which essential oils are the best, as there are quite a few.
Here I split them into different skin types to make your life easier!
Chamomile, Orange, lavender, rose geranium, Ilan, pepper and palm leaves.
Orange flowers and grass.
Chamomile, ylang, rose, geranium, Root Grass, patchouli, Jasmine and palm leaves.
Coriander, frankincense, Palmarosa, orange blossom, rose, sandalwood and vetiver.
Bergamot, Cypress, eucalyptus, Jasmine, gin, lemon, lemon grass, grapefruit, wide ouli, Peach Plum, rose geranium, tea tree, ylang and sandalwood
Chamomile, Cedar, frankincense, wax chrysanthemum, Jasmine, lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, Rose and palm leaves.
Effective gentle skin cleaner suitable for daily use of most skin types, but especially good for normal or combined skin.
Excellent in keeping the right balance of skin Grease production.
Clean, stimulate cell renewal, moisturizing.
It is a natural skin softener.
Pour all ingredients into a sterile dark glass jar or PET plastic bottle.
Shake the cleanser well and then leave for 24 hours to inject it together.
Make sure all the hair is pulled down from the face and fixed with a hair band, hairpin or shower cap.
Moisten the skin slightly with warm water and apply a cleaner when massaging the skin.
Avoid the eye area.
Remove with warm water and pat dry skin.
Follow your regular moisturizer or try a homemade aromatherapy moisturizer to change it!
Containers are extremely important.
Because they can erode the plastic and absorb harmful chemicals.
You can replace one or all of the water liquid with another flower water, such as sandalwood, Yangju, Golden calend flower or Helichrysum.
Do not store essential oils or homemade aromatherapy recipes in the bathroom, which seems obvious.
The wet and humid environment affects the oil and you 'd better put them in the fridge.
Because they are very effective.
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