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Homemade Bronzing Powder - facial mask with cocoa powder

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-24
Homemade Bronzing Powder  -  facial mask with cocoa powder
Remember the first kiss?
Did it shine you?
Bronzing powder can provide sunshine.
Give you an instant glow and a kiss of natural glow.
On my own, bronzing powder is a product that can always be found in my makeup toolbox.
I love the versatility these powders bring to us, from a healthy glow to being used as a facial profile to make the cheekbones more prominent.
Bask in the sun
The kiss looks natural and does not have the destructive effect of the sun's ultraviolet rays.
It is more popular not to tan, and it is a healthier choice for sunbathing. daily.
While these are measurements as a guide, this is indeed a personal choice, and it is best to match your own match to suit your skin tone.
Cocoa powder increases the depth of the color, cinnamon adds a golden glow, and nutmeg adds a sunny brown tone.
Arrowroot or corn starch helps reduce bronze color for more uniform applications.
Cocoa powder is the main ingredient and is used in a small amount.
Cinnamon may cause skin irritation, so it may be missed if you wish.
I would suggest not to use this bronzes every day, of course, before you see how it works for you, initially.
Remember to do a small patch test for any new ingredients you add.
We all react differently to the ingredients, so if in doubt, we test in areas that are inconspicuous in the body (preferably in the inner arm ).
Put the ingredients into the bowl and mix them with a fork.
Pour them into the sieve and use a fork to push the bronze color to remove any lumps and refine the powder texture.
Add enough rubbing alcohol to stick it together.
Place it in your compact with a spoon and flatten it with the back of the spoon.
You can use it when it dries.
Use a round face powder or blush brush (the bigger the better) to sweep it through the bronzes and tap the excess.
What you are looking for is a lightweight app to avoid dirty traces.
Building a color is much easier, more cost-effective, and more importantly, it will give you a natural or even sun-kissed glow.
Apply where the sun naturally shines on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.
If it's too light, repeat until you have the depth of the glow you want.
Use it in natural light as much as possible because it will give real color indication and you will avoid looking too dark and unnatural.
If you like loose powder, put the rubbing alcohol (or essential oil, if used) outside and put your bronzes in a small disinfection container with a lid.
In a store in dollars or euros, an old face loss powder is perfect, even a salt or pepper can that is cheap enough.
Remember to disinfect thoroughly.
Experiment with ingredients.
If it's too dark, add more roots to lighten it, and add more cocoa powder if it's too light.
The powder in some recipes, if used, requires a very fine texture.
Or shower gel, mixed together.
Don't use those little brush applicator with blush, they are useless and will leave you a streaky, heavy looking app.
A small set of makeup brushes that have been processed for a long time is very worth having and will continue when taken care.
Remember to have fun, it's a recipe and it seems to me that it's fun to try and use it occasionally, not everyday.
They want a cheap and enjoyable idea to make friends with friends soon.
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