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Homemade Coffee Scrub for Caffeine Addicts - benefits of coffee facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-26
Homemade Coffee Scrub for Caffeine Addicts  -  benefits of coffee facial mask
Who am I?
As we all know, I have the aroma of fruit, chocolate, spices, wine, tobacco, dirt, flowers and ashes.
Some people worship me, some avoid me like a plague.
I love to travel and make the whole country fall in love with me, rely on me, use me and abuse me. You give up?
Of course, why am I a coffee bean!
You may know me when you wake up early in the morning.
Of course, it's not because of me, did you meet true love in your life when you met at Starbucks on the cold November?
Well, I 've been sticking with you because there are more ways for me than the eyes or nose.
Looks can be deceptive.
If you love coffee as much as I do and are interested in beauty solutions, the good news is that you can take advantage of coffee in a different way because it has potential benefits for the skin.
After hearing about the amazing benefits of coffee for the skin, I decided it was time to try it myself. Anti-
, Pray and hope everything goes well!
Usually I'm lucky not to have too many flip flops.
My coffee scrub recipe is a bit like my cooking.
The ingredients I use here are easy to find, and some are probably already in your store cupboard, and it's understatement to say it works.
Not only does it smell sacred, but it makes the skin feel very smooth, soft, and toned, and I swear the fat mass area I use a lot is not very obvious.
If you have different preferences, allergies, or like to add some essential oils, I have also added some alternatives in the tips and suggestions section.
Put coconut oil into a double boiler or melt in a bowl on a pan with hot water.
Allow a little cooling, but don't let it set.
Add the dry ingredients to another bowl, then mix the oil and vanilla together and mix well.
Transfer the scrub to the container and fix it tightly with the lid.
About 2 in the fridge-3 weeks.
Please 2-before entering the shower-
Take out 3 tablespoons of scrub from the jar, put it in a small container and put it in the shower.
Pay special attention to any fat mass or dry areas of the skin.
In a month of gently circling-4 minutes. . .
You can use it up to three times a week.
Use fresh coffee beans if possible, but you can re-
Let the coffee beans dry first so that they can be used.
Due to the use of caffeine, the caffeine content is much lower and may not be so beneficial, especially for any fat group.
Or sweet almond oil.
If you don't want to use cocoa powder or cinnamon, leave them outside.
It can be white sugar, brown sugar, and half of it.
Replace sugar or with half sugar and half salt. .
You can use essential oil if you want to replace it.
Juniper and fennel are some good fat balls. .
Like adventure, combined with a few.
Use 10 drops ~ Between 20 drops. containers.
Jam, baby food, sauce and coffee are all perfect.
Be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect before re-cleaningusing.
Food for thinking. . . .
Whether it's for you, your partner, your child, your friends or your family, making your own beauty products is very satisfying.
There are thousands of wonderful ingredients on this planet, and many commercial brands use them, which is good, and coffee is one of those ingredients that is so powerful.
Is it meaningless to cut off middlemen (brand products) and go directly to the source?
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