homemade facial masks to get rid of spots About Wrinkles and Skin Irregularities - How to Prevent and Cure Wrinkles

homemade facial masks to get rid of spots About Wrinkles and Skin Irregularities - How to Prevent and Cure Wrinkles

As the age grows, there will be wrinkles for all, but everyone does not get wrinkles at the same speed, and some people even have young skin at high age.This fact shows that wrinkles can be prevented and cured to a large extent.The appearance of wrinkles is due to a gradual decrease in the elasticity of the skin as it becomes thinner as people release fat under the skin on the face and elsewhere in the body.Then, when a Daily mechanical shock occurs, the skin is more prone to permanent folding or permanent stretching deformation.The skin tends to become elastic, because the fibers in the skin made of structural protein collagen form a rigid grid by combining with the reaction of sugar molecules in the skin.After this reaction, sugar molecules will be a bridge between collagen molecules.Damage exposed to excessive sunlightThe light promotes the process.Excessive intake of carbohydrates, diabetes and other diseases increases the concentration of sugar in the body's tissues, which may also increase the process.However, the skin has a mechanism of irregular finishing and repair the damage that causes wrinkles.General unhealthy lifestyles exposed to toxins and too few essential vitamins, minerals, essential fats, and proteins reduce the effectiveness of these mechanisms and make wrinkles more prone.A general healthy lifestyle with all the necessary nutritious furniture and regular exercise will help prevent wrinkles.In addition, these specific lifestyle measures are useful.-Avoid prolonged exposure of unprotected skin to the Sunrays.Especially to avoid exposure to the sun.burns.When you go out in the sun for a long time, do some protection for your skin.-Eat more fish and seafood.The nutrients in these food sources seem to greatly improve the skin's ability to repair, and also make the skin's impact on the Sun stronger.-Pure olive oil applied to sin or a local cream containing olive oil helps protect the skin and improve its repair ability.-Squalan, a natural oily substance applied to the skin or products containing this substance, also helps to maintain skin elasticity and enhance its ability to overcome impact and damage.-Sugar-amine-gan grease, such as hyaluronic acid, is a natural compound carbohydrate consisting of a modified sugar unit that helps the building blocks of the skin stick together in the right way, and keep the correct moisture balance in the skin.They also promote the synthesis of structural protein collagen.Used in local products, they may help to prevent wrinkles.-The additional supply of vitamin A, D and fatty matter egg yolk is often useful for skin health and its ability to repair damage.Egg yolk is an important building substance in all body cells and also contains components used as a signaling substance during body growth and regeneration.-There are many natural creams on the market to make the skin more robust to the effects that may cause wrinkles and improve the ability to repair the skin.These products usually contain olive oil, sugar Amine, natural PolyUnsaturated fats, squalan and vitamin A and D.-Natural drugs prepared to increase the production of growth hormone in the body may help prevent wrinkles.Increased hormone production may make the skin thicker, stimulate the repair process of protein structure, and help restore more distribution of adolescent fat in the body.These effects will then help to eliminate wrinkles.-Do not smoke.Smoking greatly reduces the ability to repair the skin.When wrinkles are not too deep, there are several drugs or surgical treatments that are effective for wrinkles.However, if these treatments are unskilled and very careful, they can produce dangerous side effects and damage the skin as well.-Several chemical derivatives of vitamin A, such as tretionin (Retin-A) it can stimulate the skin to repair itself and form wrinkles, but these will also stimulate the skin.-Epidermal growth factor is a protein.Like natural hormones that stimulate the proliferation of skin cells, stimulate the production of structural protein collagen and stimulate excessiveAll skin healing.It is used in local products that treat wrinkles and helps the skin heal from the destruction caused by various factors, such as burns.-Botox is a nerve-damaged substance produced by Botox.It is used as a means to combat wrinkles in certain parts of the face.It will relax the muscles under the skin, and then the skin will become less wrinkled.-By thorough etching, take away the outer layer of the skin, the skin and the connecting tissue layer of some underlying layers of the skin with an etching chemical solution.The skin then regrows from below without too many wrinkles and other irregularities.However, through this therapy, the skin loses color more or less, and if it is not done very skillfully, the result may be a bad scar.-Laser and lighting treatments help prevent wrinkles.There are two kinds of treatment.A type of light source that uses a rather faint laser ray or a specific wavelength that penetrates through the depths of the skin.The repair process of the skin is stimulated by light.Equipment for home therapy can be found on the market.-Through other treatments, strong laser light that does not penetrate so deep is used to burn the outer layer of the skin.Then a new fresh outer skin is grown from below.This aggressive treatment can also damage the skin if control is not good.----------------------------------------------------------Knut Holt is an Internet consultant and marketing person focused on health programs.Looking to fight skin aging, acne, eczema, scars, wrinkles, other skin problems and natural resistanceAging supplements for skin and whole body, please visit his website :---To find a natural medicine to fight many common diseases, see :----
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