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Homemade Oatmeal and Egg Face Pack Instructions - diy facial mask mixing bowl

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-25
Homemade Oatmeal and Egg Face Pack Instructions  -  diy facial mask mixing bowl
Oatmeal and eggs are not only a healthy breakfast option, but also very beneficial to the skin.
It takes little or no time to convert these two ingredients into homemade face packs.
They are so effective that they are so combined that they bring little benefit!
Since these ingredients are staple foods in many kitchens, they are cheaper and more effective than masks or masks purchased in stores. Why?
They do not add chemicals, toxins and synthetic spices that are common in many branded products.
If you have tried reading the ingredients of cleanser or moisturizer, you will be surprised at how complicated and unfamiliar it sounds.
I am now wondering what is in the product, especially when they can be harmful.
First of all, this applies to DIY skin care, makeup and hair products.
Organic ingredients are always the best choice for homemade beauty products in order to stay as natural as possible and get the best results from your ingredients.
Eggs are a magical beauty ingredient.
Right away, it's literally right here.
The best thing about eggs is that egg whites and egg yolks are useful in beauty and are used alone and together.
As we all know, eggs are a good source of protein in our diet. it is a natural beauty product in itself.
For hair, it can be used for oily hair, against dry, flaky hair, and even as a conditioner.
Excellent in deep cleansing pores, shrinking pores, improving skin elasticity and improving tone.
This is a great moisturizer for glowing skin.
The two parts of the egg can be used separately or as part of the different facial recipes I found.
The only downside is the smell.
If you can put up with the egg smell on your face, it's worth it.
Many of us know that oatmeal is a fiber-rich cholesterol gram that adds a rough amount to our diet.
But did you know that oatmeal has been used in the cosmetics industry of the modern and old times?
Oatmeal was quoted as early as 2000 B.
C is a good skin healing ingredient.
It soothing skin irritation, sunburn, moisturizing, is a product that cleans pores deeply.
Because it is very effective for blackheads on the nose and any white heads.
Nowadays, many cosmetic companies add oatmeal powder to moisturizers, body wash and soap because they are widely aware of the important skin healing properties of oatmeal. Anti-3-
Gently stir the protein until it starts to bubble.
The oats are mixed with eggs.
Apply to a clean face to avoid eye areas.
This face pack will tighten so relax until you find it hard to smile.
About 15-20 minutes.
Try to do this when you are not disturbed or do not need to speak!
When you feel the chicken protein is tight, rinse it clean with mild water.
Take the last drop of cold water and dry the skin.
Use a regular moisturizer.
Place oats or oatmeal in a coffee grinder and grind it to a fine texture.
Add the powder to the bowl.
Add hot water and honey and stir well. Leave for 5-10 minutes.
Before applying, make sure the skin is properly cleaned with no makeup.
Apply a facial paste with a brush or fingertip to completely avoid the eye area.
Leave 10-15 minutes.
To remove, rinse clean with warm water.
Splash with cold water and dry your skin.
Use a regular moisturizer. Clean, resistant
Grind the oats into a fine texture.
Add oats to the bowl and spoon to the honey.
Mix the two together thoroughly to achieve a uniform consistency.
Add egg yolk and stir into paste.
Apply to a clean face with your fingertips, or use a mask brush to avoid eye areas.
Leave for 15 minutes and rinse clean with warm water.
Close the pores with cold water flowers.
Use a regular moisturizer.
Stir the eggs to foam and apply to the face and neck.
When it is dry, rinse with mild water and finally with cold water.
It would be great if you wanted something very simple and effective to tighten, tone and replenish water!
Stir to foam and apply to the face and neck.
Remove as described above when drying.
This is the fastest non-surgical mini facelift!
The protein below
If you are prone to swollen eyes, apply a very thin layer of protein with your ring finger or brush. Remove after 5-
10 minutes, gently remove as before.
Mix the egg yolk with a few tablespoons of natural yogurt and a few drops of honey.
Apply to the face and neck and keep it dry.
Remove as before.
This will gently exfoliate the skin while nourishing and replenishing water.
Mix with 3 cups of delicious oatmeal
4 tablespoons lemon juice.
Add a paste that is smooth enough, so adjust the measurement if needed.
Face-to-face application, leave 10-15 minutes.
Rinse clean with warm water and take dry skin.
This is an excellent choice for rough, dry spotted skin, pimples, acne and age spots.
Lemon juice is reversed.
It has a mild bleaching effect on the skin and hair.
Ideal for dry skin, mash bananas with a cup of ground oatmeal and mix well.
Add a little warm milk and continue to stir into the smooth paste.
Add a spoonful of milk at a time to find the right amount for yourself.
Apply to slightly damp skin and massage for a few minutes.
Place on the skin for 15 minutes and rinse clean with warm water.
This is excellent for removing dead skin cells and making the skin soft, soft and smooth.
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