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Homemade Scrub for Butt Acne and Cellulite - most expensive skin care products for women

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-28
Homemade Scrub for Butt Acne and Cellulite  -  most expensive skin care products for women
Ass acne and fat mass are common skin problems in women.
In my own experience, a common reason for acne in the ass is the type of underwear we use every day.
Most of the underwear has a elastic band at the opening of the trouser leg.
Some people are allergic to latex or rubber, and elastic bands can cause allergic reactions that cause lesions, blisters, or acne.
Another common cause of ass acne is the lace type in underwear.
Some lace fabrics may harden in time due to repeated washing.
The friction of the flower-side cloth or elastic band will stimulate the skin.
The solution to reduce and relieve hip rashes, acne and irritation is to use cotton or seamless underwear. area.
There are several factors that cause fat mass.
According to Webmd, the fat mass is nothing more than normal fat under the skin.
The hip and thigh areas look uneven as the fat squeezes the connected tissue of the skin.
The emergence of fat regiments is a problem for women to spend money on expensive products and a problem in seeking medical and surgical treatment.
Exercise, proper diet, massage and self-made treatments help to reduce and reduce the appearance.
Hip acne and fat mass problems can also be solved at home using self-made therapy.
I found that the new and used coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil were very helpful in treating skin problems.
The coffee grounds contain caffeine, which can dehydrate the skin and moisturize the skin with many benefits.
In the synergy of these two ingredients, using massage techniques, the skin gets the energy it needs to burn some fat while getting a soft skin.
Homemade spray prevention formula:
I made a recipe for a homemade scrub to remove acne and fat balls from my hips.
You can also make your own recipes. 2-Homemade Anti-
Mix two ingredients in a small bowl to form a cream scrub.
Wet your skin with soap and wash it.
The mixture is then applied to the affected area.
Use circular motion and rub the skin slowly with the mixture.
Don't overdo it because it can cause scratches.
Finally, rinse with water.
Result: the skin is soft.
Note: do two or three times a week to get the desired results.
In severe cases of hip acne and fat mass, you may ask a health specialist before taking any self-control or self-treatment.
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