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Homemade Sunscreen Recipe - coffee and olive oil facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-25
Homemade Sunscreen Recipe  -  coffee and olive oil facial mask
Sunscreen has been a hot topic for many years, and I am very familiar with using and not using it, and I will add it quickly.
Imagine the scene if you want.
In Ireland, the best sign of a little bit of sunshine is to send a large population to the beach, to the garden, or just go out and wear almost nothing in the clothing department.
There is nothing or almost nothing that can be used to protect the skin, there is no cover precautions, we apply to baby oil, we think cooking oil or sun oil will make us Tan in an hour!
Oh, we were wrong, I felt guilty about all this and paid for my beautiful freckle skin, severely burned, due to suspected skin cancer, blistering and removed several moles.
All the things I have done, I like to be a sunshine lover but not fully aware of the dangers.
How things changed, thankfully, I learned a lesson in enjoying the benefits of the sun safely.
Fortunately, research and technology are prevalent, and the benefits of the Sun continue to highlight the dangers of the sun. and lipsticks. .
From the perspective of studying homemade sunscreen, there are different views on the use of mineral zinc oxide and titanium oxide, two special ingredients.
Is a more commonly used ingredient in sunscreen formulation, able to reflect harmful light with minimal negative effects, which is what I included in my homemade formulation. .
In the end, this decision is yours, I am not trying to convince you, just to show you the possibility of protecting SPF with gorgeous butter, oil and essential oil, nourishing the skin, it's very cost-effective. it smells wonderful.
Many ingredients and essential oils have natural SPF protection derived from plants and need to be combined for higher protection.
They are not necessarily enough themselves.
I 've found a lot of natural sun protectors that make sense when you think plants are exposed to the sun every day and they need to be protected from harsh dangerous light.
To provide this protection, they have evolved to produce nutrients, plant chemicals, and pigments.
There are also natural sunscreen, which is rich in antioxidants. Vitamin C and E are two kinds of natural antioxidants.
And essential oils with SPF protection.
Avocado Oil SPF 4-
Coconut Oil SPF 2-
This recipe contains ingredients that you may easily use in many homemade recipes in skin care, personal hygiene products and cosmetics, making them very versatile and cost-effective.
When these oils, butter, and essential oils are stored in cool, dark cabinets, their shelf life is up to a year, making them useful for later production in the season.
Formula yield 3-
4 oz sunscreen.
Boil the kettle for 5 minutes, cool a little, then put the green tea bag in a cup of boiling water and leave for 5 minutes.
Add butter, oil and beeswax to your stainless steel bowl and melt on a pan of boiling water (about the third of the pan.
Wait until all the ingredients are completely melted and removed from the heat.
It only takes a few minutes.
Remove the tea bag and add 1 tablespoon of green tea to the butter and oil and stir hard immediately.
Wait until it is fully mixed before adding the next tablespoon until all 4 tablespoons are added.
Add the zinc oxide powder and stir vigorously to ensure that no lumps are formed.
Add the essential oils of your choice when you are satisfied, and then add sunscreen.
Pour in your container and your gorgeous sunscreen is ready!
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If stored in a cool, dry cabinet.
Remember, storing it in the refrigerator will harden the cream, so remove it a few hours before you need it.
Avoid using citrus essential oils because many citrus essential oils are sensitive to sunlight, so it is best to avoid using them completely.
If you want to adjust the texture or thickness, you can do this easily by adjusting the amount of green tea.
You will use less green tea for thicker sunscreen (2-
3 tbs) and a few more tablespoons of thinner consistency.
Ideal for all families, remember to re-apply every 2 hours after swimming.
While many people think that the beeswax particles provide a waterproof function, it is questionable, so I am cautious about this use.
Many people don't use enough sunscreen when applying sunscreen, and you should use cups to cups throughout your body coverage.
Don't forget to apply sunscreen on "corners and gaps" such as the ear, behind the ear, heel, front of the foot and back of the neck.
It makes sense to keep protection and taking unnecessary risks can harm your health, so make your own health sunscreen available to all families and stay safe.
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