how a circular cloth is changing the way we tackle make-up removal - organic professional skin care product lines

how a circular cloth is changing the way we tackle make-up removal  -  organic professional skin care product lines
How do two Australian mothers want to change make-up removal.
Picture: supply.
Source: suppliers are one of the more tedious parts of women's skin care programs.
Most of us know, take off.
Getting up before bed is an important step in achieving a clear skin tone.
But the idea of suggesting a late night, drinking a few glasses of wine under your belt, scrubbing, scraping and horny makeup layers is almost as painful as the upcoming hangover. It takes time —
This means that women usually break the rules and wait until the morning.
A late night, a face full of makeupup.
Did you sleep, or did you wash it?
Source: both Australian moms, istockBut, who have been guilty of going to bed with a smile on their faces, decided that there must be a simpler way to wash the day off --
Especially for those who are short in time.
There are seven children between Rebecca Williamson and Lydia Pike.
Including a group of twins each-
When I lived in Sydney 20 years ago, I got together for the first time.
Like many moms, the couple says they don't have enough time and are always looking for time --saving hacks.
Williamson and Pike would also like to have an easy solution to remove makeup while running or after going out for the night without too many steps, time, chemicals and waste. “Taking make-
Mrs Pike, who lives in Sydney, told the news that "getting up is a bit of a hassle . ". com. au.
"I have to take it off in 15 minutes.
We all have children in their teens who are notorious for not taking off properly --up at night.
"We think there must be a simpler way.
The halo of the face continued to be machine washed 200 times.
Source: Mrs. Pike has worked with her husband in another commercial business for more than 15 years with microfibers and she knows how good fabric technology is in cleaning. Eco-
Friendly and chemical
For free, the couple want to remove make-in a way that simplifies-up.
"We want something mild on the skin without the need for chemicals," Mrs. Williamson, the ex-wife of jailbreak star Dominic Purcell, told News. com.
They created a halo of faces-
A plush circular microfibre textured product
Remove the pad up and remove any type of makeup with just splash water.
Launched three weeks ago, known as "game changer" in makeup remover ".
The facial aura uses microfibers to remove cosmetics from the skin.
Source: Mrs. Pike said that from the Foundation worn for a long time to lipstick with high pigment content, the aura on the face removes oil and captures cosmetics
Do a gentle circular motion on the face.
"Microfibre is not new and it is used in a ton of different ways," she said . ".
"But it is 100 times thinner than human hair, and by mixing the facial aura with water, the fibers go deep into the pores and drain trapped cosmetics, dirt and oil stains on the skin.
"Water becomes a solvent and does not require the use of any chemicals, ideal for sensitive skin types.
Celebrate the great time @ face has posted with old friends.
Halo remover gamechanger Department continues justusewater girlpower myfriends✅? ?
A common Naomi Kumar (@naomiwatts)
At 5: 50 P. M. on May 13, 2017, the price of a set of three mats was $22, able to withstand 200 machine cleanings, and beauty blogger Chloe Morello was also the brand's "endorser and consultant ".
Face Halo shop is now open, I am so excited!
Shipped to the United States now? ? , Canada ? ? , UK ? ? plus -
At my special request-
Limited number of pre-
Can it be shipped to Australia? ?
From June 1 at facehalo. com (link in my bio)!
Facial aura is a very effective makeup remover that can be used when wet?
Plus its reusable so it can be cleaned or put into the wash 200 times!
As a member of facehalo Company, please follow us! @face.
HaloA post shared by Chloe Morello (@chloemorello)
At 11: 01 a. m. on May 22, 2017, PDTBut Face Halo, called "game changer" by Australian actress Naomi Watt, was not the first in the manufacturing fieldup removal —
It is filled with detergent, wipes, chemicals and glue.
Rebecca Williamson and Naomi Watts also use a facial aura.
Source: Natural cleaning of suppliers-
In September 2016, ENJO, a product manufacturer, stepped out of the traditional cleaning field and entered the skin cleaning field to launch its own products --
Sante up removing tool for ENJO.
The color sphere also only needs to use water and no additional products are required.
Sante of ENJO fiber is made in Austria (
And the Face Halo is made in Korea)
Designed to be a unique tissue using a microfiber with unique medical featuresgrade patent.
Our super soft fibers, coupled with the cool, clean effects of the water, are the perfect way to wake up tired skin and promote circulation, allowing you to face a new day and be ready for a new day! ?
| Brand spokesperson for Health @ isabellucas. . .
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At 5: 07 p. m. on March 13, 2017, Sante of ENJO claimed that the price of a set of seven mats was $59 and their special woven texture could not be copied.
Endorsed by Australian actress Isabel Lucas, sphere was best produced by Cosmopolitan
Earlier this month, it won the up Remover award for the annual beauty awards.
The biggest market for Face Halo is the United States, says Williamson. S. (
Where they register as businesses)
And shipping to Australia and Hong Kong.
While the two were only trading online in the first month of sales, they wanted to expand the retail market to meet the needs of Australia's history
Demand for beauty is growing.
Rebecca and Lydia are tired of washing off the makeup with a rough detergent, so create a halo of face.
Source: a report released by istocking Australia's strongest European monitoring company
The categories include sun protection, skin care and makeup.
Social media has had a huge impact on beauty and personal care in Australia, with consumers increasingly living online.
"Social media is a cost --
Effective Brand
Build tools for companies to increase their brand
"Raise awareness, share beauty tips, and announce new product launches," Euromonitor's summary reads . ".
As a busy real estate professional, time is always crucial to me.
When I came home after a long day, it was a great feeling to know that I only need to use one product to get all the makeup done.
That product is Face Halo.
I have used countless other products, including the machine brush head, and nothing can bring me the result of Face Halo.
Manually, it allows me to remove the makeup with a clean water wipe at once.
There is no scratch on the brush and no oil stains on the wet towel.
Did I mention that they are reusable? ! (
The one on the left has my whole face the night before, mascara, etc! )@face. halo THANK YOU! ?
Facehalo justaddwater organicbeauty reusable gamechanger makeupremover makeupremoval clear face fresh makeupartist musthave obsessedA shared by Mr. Dalia Frias (@only1dalia)
At 12: 41 P. M. on June 10, 2017, PDT "Many companies have built a strong social media follower base that supports growth and encourages brand loyalty.
Social media is influencing consumer behavior and consumers often share their product experience and want to get a perfect and perfect look in the pictures they share.
"Obsession with images and desire to see photos --
Ready at all times, leading manufacturers to launch products targeted at this trend.
"Beauty has no rules in terms of experiments, and 2016 are not disappointed with some impressive beauty trends.
Here are some of the biggest trends in makeup and beauty this year.
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