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how are we different at ? | warrior forum - the #1 ... - best skin care products for 60 year old woman

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-15
how are we different at ? | warrior forum - the #1 ...  -  best skin care products for 60 year old woman
My friends: I know many of us are between the ages of 50 and 60.
At the age of 60, I noticed a change in my attitude and interest.
I mean it. For example;
I don't care much about my business.
I'm not very engaged.
I hardly try to do sales, even very profitable sales.
I don't even care a few years ago.
I have a new book completed by 90%.
I can finish it in a day's effort.
But I have been delaying.
It's easy to work, but I'm not interested in work and the resulting income.
I forgot how to spell the words I already know how to spell, my whole adult life.
Even for me, my handwriting became illegible.
(Although this may just be mild arthritis ).
But everything is fine.
I love my wife more than ever.
She became more beautiful to me.
I think more about her and less about myself.
In my shop, it is almost impossible to provoke me.
Not because of my mild attitude, but because I don't care what the customer is thinking and saying.
I seldom watch cable TV, especially the news channel.
I used to look at it a lot, so I could look at what they were talking about and how they colored the effects. . . .
But I don't care much about this.
I used to attend high-end marketing seminars a lot and haven't been there for years because I don't care anymore.
I sell on E-
Most of my information products. . .
Because I know I will never use them again.
I keep a lot of library books, but mainly out of nostalgia.
I used to read comic books.
Now, I look too close to understand.
I will wear glasses in the near future.
We might buy another car.
But after that, I can see that we don't buy any more.
List of things I absolutely know, I will never do it again; Go swimming. Dance. Run.
(Unless my life is in danger, then, maybe not) say or do something that impresses another person. Have sex.
Get married again.
For fun, skydiving, rock climbing or anything that involves risk.
Selling wine at the customer's home (I 've been doing things for about 40 years), drinking and drinking travel around the country and giving paid speeches.
A funeral threatening anyone.
There was a funeralGo to visit a relative just because they were frightened by the prospect of horror movies and even my own death.
This is actually a liberation.
These are not the positions I have taken, but the things I know I will not do again. So. . . . .
As you grow older, what changes have taken place in your life?
What's the difference between you and ten years ago?
Do you think your change is natural as you grow older, or is there some kind of revelation?
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