how beauty brands are banking on cannabis - organic hemp skin care products

how beauty brands are banking on cannabis  -  organic hemp skin care products
Beauty's obsession with CBD has not slowed down. CBD —
This period is shortened to cannabis phenol-
Has become one of the hottest ingredients in the beauty field, and with the rapid increase in consumers' interest in the benefits claimed by this plant, different types of skin care, color cosmetics and health supplements have emerged.
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Including sesame seed oil without actual CBD-
Now, with the upcoming 4/20 "holidays", the brand promotes relaxation,-
Quality of inflammation and soothing.
Read on and see how 11 beauty brands can profit from marijuana. 1.
It's only a matter of time before CBD enters perfume space.
The natural fragrance brand Heretic has released dirty grass, a "functional fragrance" that combines traditional scents with aromatherapy by using CBD oil, which is said to absorb
The earthy fragrance also includes the aromas of pink pepper, lemon, violet leaves and coriander, which retail for $85, 15-ml.
$50-$185 a bottleml. bottle. 2.
Men's beauty brand Scotch PorterFor 4/20 will host a two-day pop-
Starting on Saturday, Brooklyn will focus on displaying its CBD beard collection and offer the "CBD-
Injected experience. ” The four-
Product Collection-
Prices range from $10. 99 to $20 —
Including beard and beard.
CBD oil is added to beard conditioner, beard cream and beard serum to provide moisture. The pop-up —
Rooftop of hotel McAllen
CBD juice bars and facial stations will also be provided. 3.
The natural naturalist is taking three-
Combine CBD with other ingredients such as Yangju, Primrose, lavender and melatonin to promote sleep and relax the body's product range.
The series includes Dream Well body oil and dream well roll-
The retail price is between $29 On and Dreamwell capsules. 99 to $49. 99. 4.
EosEos is expanding its range of eggs
With the introduction of two new flavors, the shape of the lip --
Happy vanilla and grilled brownie
Contains cannabis seed oil, no real CBD.
The ingredients are designed to soothe and moisturize the lips.
$4 per retail. 99. 5.
Kush QueenCBD beauty brand Kush Queen is adding three new members to expand its collection of bath bombs.
New Matcha green tea, spiced chai tea and Earl Grey tea bath bomb mix each tea with 25-
Sesame oil and CBD oil promote oxidation resistance
Bacteria and resistance
Inflammation is beneficial.
The retail price of a bath bomb is $12. 99. 6.
VertlyAt CBD beauty and food retailer Poplar, the new Vertly CBD is injected with bath salt, combining CBD oil with natural healing salt and plant extracts from yar Luo and rosemary
6 ounces per bag for $29. 7.
Lord Jones with only two ingredients-
CBD oil and grape seed oil-
Lord Jones Royal oil can be used as a local or tincture agent.
There are many benefits to oil-including anti-
Inflammation and muscle relief
It can be used to treat migraine, cramps, sunburns, bug bites, and scrumpus. A 30-ml.
$100 a bottle. 8.
FarmacyFarmacy's new and better lost recovery pad cream combines hemp seed oil and CBD with adapters such as Lingshi mushrooms and purple ginseng to create a soothing one.
The retail price of this product is $68. 9.
Milk Famous for marijuana
Makeup and skin care-
Milk cosmetics are expanding their Kush cosmetics range-
Which use of marijuana-
Another derivative product without the actual CBD-hemp seed oil
With a new waterproof mascara ($24), lash primer ($24)
And five new shades of eyebrow gel ($18).
Of all the products, hemp seed oil is said to replenish the hair. 10. Saint JaneAll-
The natural beauty collection of St. Jane offers a micro-dose lip gloss in five shades, which is made with full
Spectrum CBD, aloe vera, chrysanthemum extract, sunflower seeds and jojoba oil.
Launched in January, the brand aims to shamelessly accept the name "Mary Jane," by formulating without the psychoactive THC ingredient found in cannabis plants, show the more innocent side of the CBD. 11.
CannukaThe beauty brand combines Manuka honey with CBD and has recently entered Ulta beauty with its full range of products, including CBD calming eye cream ($38)
Nourishing Body Cream ($28)
Treat Skin Balm ($58)
Moisturizing lip balm ($9)
And clean your body ($18).
It is said that the combination of honey and CBD will produce healthy oil in the skin to prevent dryness and irritation.
Read more about CBD beauty here: Open CBD: an ingredient breaks the normalization of cannabis. NumbersWATCH's cannabis beauty marketing problem
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