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How Black Skin Became Associated With Evil! - african black soap problem skin facial mask walmart

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-26
How Black Skin Became Associated With Evil!  -  african black soap problem skin facial mask walmart
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Please warn me in advance that what I am going to say is only for some people and only for those who are right for themselves.
So please don't be angry about what I said.
I'm not talking about any group of people or brushing any group of people with narrow brushes!
This is not my style, nor is it my intention or purpose.
From my point of view, my only purpose is;
Draw a picture of how the black skin is linked to evil and don't offend anyone.
These are just my guesses.
I don't know if it was due to historical accident or deliberate design, but the black skin already embodies all the bad features of humans and animals.
I think one of the reasons black skin is linked to fear and evil is that in the early stages of human development, night and darkness are the times when humans are most vulnerable to enemies and predators.
Loss of consciousness through sleep, and association with death, may also lead to further fear and fear of darkness, as well as associations with black skin.
Of course, this does not apply to groups with black or black skin.
Because, they have dark or black skin and there won't be anything unusual.
In the fourth century, white Europeans began to dominate Christianity. D.
With the establishment of Roman Catholic Christianity, the black skin may be despised, because the main opponent of the establishment of Roman Catholic Christianity is the ancient Egyptian religion and various cult Christians, just like the gno religion, it is practiced by a large number of Africans and races --mixed people.
In the end, a white image of God and his son was created to reflect the superior moral qualities of the dominant white Roman Christians, rather than the inferior who they wanted to be regarded as non-moral qualities and qualities
White and Pagan Christians against them.
Therefore, the white image of God becomes the dominant, cultural image of God and his son.
All other religions (Egypt, Babylon, etc ).
) And their gods and goddesses, (Worship by thousands of white, black and non-white people)
White people) are described as evil, or as the creation of the devil, to deceive believers from the true God: The God of Light and his son Jesus, painted white through light = White. century A.
When Islam appears;
Its Sacred War and Army occupied many Roman Catholic Christian cities.
The black skin became more contemptuous of evil because many Islamic armies attacked Roman Christian culture (which Roman Christians considered to be the religion of the pagans, inspired by the dark prince Satan, were black or ethnic mixed Muslims.
Initially, a term like "black"
"Heart", "Black as Sin" do not apply to skin color or race.
They are spiritual, psychological, or moral concepts.
Black, White and other non-
White groups use these terms without distinction.
But when white people start to dominate, black and non-White
White culture in these terms is increasingly linked to color and race.
The religious symbol of Western (white) Europe always depicts light as something that represents God, and through the Association of "light = White", God is depicted as white.
However, in the sense of spiritual symbolism, light represents the visible world, the world of visible things, the world of feeling, and black represents the invisible world, the world of invisible things, the spirit
The spiritual world is what the ancient Egyptians call the Amun (hidden or invisible) invisible source of God.
Because of the connection between black and the Invisible World (if God has color), the color of the source god is black.
Therefore, the god of the tangible sensory world will be white, and the God of the invisible spiritual world will be black.
The White God, will be the visible manifestation of the invisible Black God, just like the spiritual symbol of the double Egyptian God Amón
LA: Amon is the invisible side of the source god. LA is the form side of the source God.
There is no color at the source of God.
It is only when we talk about it being shown through a certain culture that we can call it black or white.
Only through the subjective color association of some cultures can White be associated with the god of light, and black can be associated with the god of darkness.
This dark god (meaning of the invisible spiritual world) has historically been infused with all the bad features and features of white Christians, and I do not want to see them in myself.
They want to be superior to all other groups and to distinguish themselves from animals (because of their views on sex and the body ), they project their repressed sexual impulses and other impulses that are considered morally undesirable to these groups, and they are used to seeing them as more animal-like than themselves.
These people are usually African and other non-indigenous people.
There are no white people who are ashamed to show their body, sex or sexual fun publicly.
The skin of the first group of Africans exposed by white people is almost black.
For those white people who have a negative view of darkness, it must be a cultural shock, literally, face-to-face with people, their skin color is the same as the terrible darkness they are worried about.
This premonition of darkness can be expressed in the words black magic, black cat, black plague, etc.
As I said before, these associations about darkness may be achieved by associations with darkness and night, when the roar of predators in the darkness means that our early ancestors may die.
It was not associated with skin color or race until later.
From the perspective of human nature, God always looks like a person who believes in God;
Because they are projections of the highest hopes, dreams, and fears.
But the God of the source has no form, no shape, no color, no race.
So for white people it's white and for black people it's black (or at least it should be black for black people ).
That's why God looks like a white male in a white-dominated religion.
Some black and others
The historically dominant white culture of white men now portrays God as a white man.
Isn't that ironic?
Those who are enslaved, colonised and persecuted by white male racists now worship white men as the image of their God?
How clever and pitiful.
The culture of any culture the image of God should reflect the physical character of the person who created this image.
But a cross-cultural image of God (the image of God for all human beings) will look like the "thousand-faced heroes" that the late mythologist Joseph Campbell calls ".
Looks like a monster.
Like seven beasts.
It is actually an image of God with millions of faces, reflecting all the faces of humanity, for the true God, the God of all, is invisible and has no face or image.
The image of God is like an invisible, invisible clay, which can be shaped into the face or image that any person who makes a shape wants.
So the way the black skin is linked to evil is because of all negative connections to the dark concepts such as Black Heart, Black Death, Black Plague, black is sin, fear of darkness and death, linked to those with terrible black skin, it reminds those white people of these things.
For the Anglo-Saxon and other Germanic tribes (whom the Romans thought they were primitive savages) wanted to see themselves superior to black people (Africans ).
Therefore, they deliberately promote the idea that black people are Asian people and are more animal-like than human beings.
They supported the idea with evolution.
Say that the oldest races (Africans) are more primitive and animal-like than they are;
They are more advanced, human, and genetically superior than black people, because they are the last person to develop on an evolutionary scale.
This is an interesting way to look at things, because most cultures think that ancient people are state-of-the-art, and that over time people will "fall" or fall from that state of the art.
This is why you have the concept of human "depravity" in Christian theology and the concept of lost "golden age" in other cultures, many people desire and want to return (such as the return of the Messiah ).
This is my condensed view of how dark and black skin is linked to evil and darkness, there are some tears and ads
Hope you find it interesting, enlightening, and maybe even get something out of it.
It's all done with fun and kindness.
For anyone who may be offended by what I have written, there is no offense.
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