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how can i use twitter effectively for my business ... - how to use tourmaline facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-04
how can i use twitter effectively for my business ...  -  how to use tourmaline facial mask
It will be very unusual, but I can't think of any way to cover up my business and you will still be able to assess the situation and provide relevant advice.
My wife is a model for a webcam.
In the beginning, a month or two ago, she only worked two hours a day and she would make $100. $150.
When we saw that was consistent, I decided to quit my day-to-day job so that she could work more while I was taking care of the kids.
My annual salary is $29,800, which is not so good.
At present, my wife works 4 hours a day and her income is stable at about $250 a day.
It was really great, but she chose not to work more than we needed for our bills and spent a small amount of money on it.
However, I am not happy with the same income, very little savings and very little spending.
Although I have not dreamed of extreme wealth, earning more than $1,500 a month is a great help to our lives, rather than sitting still.
Having said that, I can't get her to work more or increase the amount of money she makes when she works.
But, I 've taken over her Twitter, email, and I manage other channels we use to earn extra revenue, such as the video/merchandising site.
Her Twitter currently has more than 2,000 followers, and she gets about 50 followers a day, even more so in the days she works.
I 've read a lot about engaging followers on Twitter, but I don't see any way to apply to my niche.
On our Twitter, there is not much valuable content to link to, and starting a blog is hardly
Making a profit and creating unique content will be difficult because in this industry potential customers are less willing to read and I have read the participation in promoting products and mastering the best results on Twitter, but if there is no promotion, there will be very little traffic for me to go to important places.
This is a unique situation, unlike people who have a niche blog or online store and want to promote it via Twitter.
Shoe salespeople can have a blog to write more valuable articles than webcam model simulation/copywriting.
I just need advice on how to take advantage of the potential of our growing followers.
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