how do you make your own homemade facial mask Performance Arts Training with Alexander Training

how do you make your own homemade facial mask Performance Arts Training with Alexander Training
Alexander technology helps musicians, singers, dancers, actors and anyone else with professional and personal well-being.There are a lot of teachers today, and there are websites that teach you how to learn Alexander's technology online.In this article, we would like to help you understand exactly the help of this technology in the performing arts.
How does Alexander technology help the performing arts?
Since Alexander technology originated in the field of performance, it should definitely be something you should consider to improve your performance and develop into an awesome performer.

Manage Stress because stress can reduce your body's immunity, making it easy for you to get sick and causing you to miss the working day.Stress will show up in your performance, slow down your quick thinking process and ultimately affect your performance.Alexander technology teaches you to control your breathing and improve your posture, thus affecting your overall level of confidence.
Improve breathing as it helps to keep calm and calm.It also helps to improve the blood circulation of the brain, thus helping you stay alert and spontaneous.
Improve endurance because any performer needs it, possibly an actor, dancer or singer.You need stamina to stand on stage and add extra "oomph" to your performance ".Alexander technology teaches you to harness energy by using your muscles correctly and improving your body posture, which you will encounter in your performance.
Adjust your voice, which is very important for all performers, especially actors and singers.Alexander technology teaches you the right breathing technology to help you adjust your voice and save valuable energy.
Dealing with stage fright is the pain that many people suffer.Even after years of performance, many experienced performers will still have stage fright.Alexander technology teaches you to stand high and perform in front of a large group of people.In addition, as mentioned above, standing for a long time in front of the audience requires increased endurance.
Balance your body when the body pose immediately appears on the stage.You can learn to stand in the right way so that you will appear balanced and confident.
Express freely through your art.Your performance is getting better and your confidence is always shining.

Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts-
Royal National Theatre-
Royal Academy of Music-Royal Academy of Music
London School of Music and Dramatic Arts-London
The Royal Shakespeare troupe-
Royal Academy of Music-Royal Academy of Music
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