how long should you leave a facial mask on 5 Tips for Proper Acne Care

how long should you leave a facial mask on 5 Tips for Proper Acne Care
If you have acne then you should know some basic acne care tips.Taking care of your skin in the right way will keep acne away and cause the skin to be clearer.These five tips are simple and affordable options for prescription drugs.
1.Don't let your hands leave your face at any time.Touching your face introduces a variety of bacteria that can cause more outbreaks and even infections if you're not careful.Squeezing pimples can also cause scars.Scars can have a big impact on your self.Respect and Self-confidence, so don't put your hands on your face unless necessary and wash your hands before touching your face.
2.Wash your face regularly with soap designed for acne care.Over-Washing will not reduce the rupture of the skin, but will dry the skin.For people with moderate to severe acne, it is better to use a soap or wash prescribed by a dermatologist.This is especially correct if you have been using it in counter treatments but have not succeeded and want to see a clearer skin quickly.
3.If you have long hair, try to wear it back and stay away from your face.In addition to environmental pollution and dirt, the oil that causes acne can also be in your hair.If you really smooth your hair, be sure to wash it out in advance.
4.Regularly wash anything that touches the face, including pillowcases, blankets and glasses, as part of the acne care routine.
5.If your acne care procedure doesn't seem to produce results, please talk to your doctor or dermatologist.They can provide you with tips to reduce acne, as well as prescription drugs to treat stubborn acne.Thousands of people suffer from acne, so don't be embarrassed to ask for help.
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