how long should you leave a facial mask on Convincing Your Parents About Contacts

how long should you leave a facial mask on Convincing Your Parents About Contacts
You're a teenager.Teenagers) the idea of having problems with your eyesight needs to be corrected, but having to wear glasses will make you uncomfortable.You 'd love to wear contact lenses, but your parents may not think it's a good idea.How do you convince them?
First of all, the motivation to make sure you are in contact is practical.Peer pressure should not be an overriding factor in your decision.In this case, the argument "but all my friends wear them" is not a winner.Yes, contact lenses are cool, they make you look more attractive and you won't be called "four"But more importantly, they can also get you better involved in sports and other activities, which can help boost your self-confidence.Give you more confidence in social interaction.Contact lenses also remove the obstruction of the glasses frame to the peripheral (or side) vision and are not so embarrassing when having to wear motion or safety goggles.Improvements in technology and manufacturing make the lenses more convenient and comfortable.
The main concern of parents is that their children may be too small to reach.Over the years, the popular view is that as children mature, their eyes will change constantly, and they will not wear contact lenses until they become adults.A recent study of children aged 17 to 8 years confirms the idea that these children have successfully installed contact *.So now, "Too Young" is no longer a matter of age, but of responsibility.
In this regard, you are dealing with a somewhat irresponsible view of young people, especially in the following casesIt must be through constant efforts.The fact is that people are able to take responsibility at different ages and it is good for you if you have shown mature behavior in the past.It's best to remember that the contact person is a medical device, so you have to be ready for more frequent visits with an eye doctor.In addition to the initial installation and guidance on how to insert and remove contacts, there are appointments to monitor changes in prescriptions and prevent possible problems with eye health.It is clear that the doctor's instructions must be faithfully followed.Depending on the type of contact you wear, there is a strictly followed care and cleaning plan.If you successfully demonstrate your ability to make these adjustments, it will be much easier to get in touch.
* Clips (Pediatric contact lenses) jointly organized by optometry colleges in Ohio, Massachusetts and Texas );And prepare (children's refractive profile), a three-A one-year study was conducted in five clinical institutions in the United States.
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