how long should you leave a facial mask on Impotence for children to write a Short Story

how long should you leave a facial mask on Impotence for children to write a Short Story
If we read a children's story as a child, it will give us more fun and we can enjoy more.
We can also recognize the importance of the protagonist.If the child is writing the story the same way they are in the main character.It gives them inspiration and a wonderful feeling to be a special and unique person.
If a child writes a story about their family, friends, relatives, or themselves, it helps them to be proud and also to raise human values.Sometimes they use phrases like "I love my cat, I am loved, I want to know" when they write online stories "..Sorry, my parents love me unconditional and so on.It doesn't matter, but it improves their self.esteem.They feel that this is a story about their recent people, so it is unique and important to them.
It doesn't matter to the child, especially the age of the writer?It is important that a story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.In general, children like a happy story, showing a positive attitude towards life.I think we have to learn something from children's stories.It is simple enough for parents to understand their children and their attitude towards life.

-How to concentrate?
-How to deal with criticism?
-They will look at you (their parents, wait for approval, etc ).
Support your children if they have ideas on how to write a story, or if they want to be a good storyteller.This may not be the same as they or you expected.Online story writing exercises will help them become fearless people with pen and paper.As President Roosevelt said, the only thing we need to be afraid of is fear itself.
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