how long should you leave a facial mask on The Role of the Family in Childhood Obesity

how long should you leave a facial mask on The Role of the Family in Childhood Obesity
As most people now know, childhood obesity is affected by many behavioral factors.In addition to changing the way children eat and how much physical activity they engage in on a daily basis may require behavior changes, you must observe other factors in their behavior, and the behavior of teachers, coaches, family and friends around your child.
The family is the core cell that we nourish and learn together, ideally, the family is supportive and encouraging, and the parents usually do the same, but the problem with siblings is completely different.If Oyu feels that all members of the family are not a whole, with continued and loving active support, you need to make sure that your family meetings and conversations are committed to getting everyone to support this.
If your child is overweight or obese, they need your support more than ever!Self-Self-esteem and confidence problems abound in overweight children.Try not to criticize them, talk to them, and blame them for their weight.Let your child know that he is loved and appreciated and solve his weight problem with positive confidence.Don't joke about the child's situation, it's not a helpful place for humor, don't try to blame the child because it can lead to the opposite of what you want.Just let him know that you will solve the problem together, so he has no problem because he is overweight.
Make sure you have a clear understanding of your child's life at school, socially and elsewhere, if he is abused by other children or even friends, or is suffering from more direct bullying problems.Committed to rebuilding the child's confidence, focusing on what he does well, and constantly strengthening the idea that everyone is special and everyone has problems --He is no different, no better or worse than anyone, no matter how little confidence he has at this time.Keep a focus on health rather than stress the importance of health.Focus on the gradual changes in family sports activities and nutrition, giving everyone enough time to adjust and be satisfied with the minor changes they are making.
These are the huge changes you need to make, and the first step is crucial for you and your children to feel that you have the ability to make a change, so pay attention to the beginning, because it is probably the most important part, the first step in restoring confidence and self-esteem is the most important for many teenagers.Setting smaller goals will also allow your child to gradually lose weight and "grow" their extra weight as height grows.Some children have a lot of physical weight to lose, and they will have a longer time --Short-term goals with many short-term goalsSemester milestones that keep them motivated.For these children, you may consider a reward or recognition.
I hope you find this information helpful and I wish you and your family good luck in reducing and fighting childhood obesity.

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