how many times should you use a facial mask A Simple Tuna Pasta Recipe

how many times should you use a facial mask A Simple Tuna Pasta Recipe
You can prepare many different types of tuna pasta mayonnaise salad recipes, but simplicity is the main factor if you want to make a simple and quick dish.The practice of tuna pasta is simple.You can enhance the tuna pasta recipe with some ingredients (maybe some sort of seasoning) or extra ingredients.
First of all, you need to cook some pasta according to the instructions on the package.You can use whole wheat or white noodles.Shape doesn't matter either, it's entirely up to you.Cook the pasta until it becomes too soft (strong to bite ).Next, drain the pasta and cool it.If you have the remaining pasta in your refrigerator, you may want to use it instead of fresh cooking.
Then, in a large bowl, whisk a spoonful of mayonnaise onto the cooled pasta.Pour out a can of tuna and slice it with a fork.Stir the tuna into the pasta mixture.Now you have a basic tuna pasta mayonnaise salad.
What else can I add?
To make your pasta more stimulating, you may need to add spices, herbs and seasonings.
Just a few ingredients you can use.You can also include some tomatoes, such as fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes.If you do, you may choose to add some Parmesan or ground replacement as the cheese and tomatoes are well matched.
Other delicious additions include green or black olive slices, capers, chopped cucumbers, mustard, pine and garlic, chopped anchovies and drained corn kernels.Just use a few of them, not all of them, or you may squeeze your dishes too much and the taste will be overloaded!
How to serve it?
You can use this tuna pasta salad as a fast food with biscuits or rolls to make it healthier or as a side dish.You can even decide to put it in a large lettuce leaf and show off to friends and family at a barbecue or family party!


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