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Sealing knot is very important for long term maintenance of lace wig.The process is very simple and you can do it at home.For those who are not familiar with the process or only need directions, please see below.
Why should I close it?The sealing knot has a different appearance than the reality.By sealing the knot, you can ensure a longer shelf life for the lace wig.From regular overtime work or lace wigs that may be of lower quality, the knot will be untied and the hair will fall off.
Although your natural hair also falls off during a typical hair cycle, your lace wig can't actually grow hair in place of falling hair.In a process called ventilation, you have to pay an expert to fix your lace wig.It may be timely and expensive.To avoid this, a Sealed Knot will leave the hair in your lace wig compared to your brush or floor.
How do I bleach and seal my knot?After bleaching, you should seal your knot as it will be harder to bleach the hair coated with a sealant.To seal, buy a closure agent such as TDI lace wig closure agent.These products are easy to use and enjoy a good reputation as a quality brand.
You can basically follow the instructions on the product.To seal, turn your wig over so the hat can be seen.Spray the sealant on the cap enough to slightly saturate the cap but not penetrate into the hair.
Allow drying, then repeat.
After the second application, it is better not to wait 24 hours.If you don't have time, you can apply for an extra fixed hair gel to seal quickly.In the same process, apply a coat to let it dry and repeat.
Application 3-instead of waiting 24 hours4 layers fastDon't brush too much if you stay careful, this should last until you have time to seal properly.How often do I have to bleach and seal?The sealing knot is an ongoing process that should be included in regular maintenance.The seal shall be carried out before, before and after the first application and before any repairs.
Since the sealing knot is a relatively easy and short process, it will not be difficult to do it many times.For any activity in which the hair will be subject to significant pressure, such as adjusting and accepting color correction, the knot should be sealed.What should I do if I want to avoid sealing knots?Unless you don't mind paying someone else in the near future to fix your lace wig and replace all the fallen hair, there is no real way to avoid sealing the knot.
Buying high quality lace wigs with silk hats can reduce the chance of falling off as these wigs are made very well.However, your best bet is to take a few minutes to seal your knot.Lace wig shop is an educated, reputable, stable, honest and sincere company for your best interests!This is a responsible thing!Protect your investment and yourself.
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