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With the popularity of cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty is still one of the most popular.According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) statistics, rhinoplasty is the third largest plastic surgery in men in 2007, only liposuction and eyelid surgery more often.In 2006, this was the second most popular surgery for a combination of men and women, with only women having breast implants more often.
Because we breathe through our nose, oxygen is essential to life, so rhinoplasty is usually right and wrong.Reasons for cosmetics and reasons for cosmetics.Nose surgery can correct this situation when there is a genetic disease that makes it difficult to breathe, or if there is some difficulty, such as a deviation of the diaphragm.
If the person wants a better nose shape, do some beauty work at the same time.The improvement of the shape of the nose can make great changes in the shape and appearance of the face.Nose work can be corrected: the width of the bridge of the nose overall size, improve harmony with other facial features if the tip of the nose is too Ball, the outline of the nose that is too large or too wide with a drooping or upturned nostrils, if the hump is too large, who will be a good candidate?Your facial growth needs to be done, so you need to be at least 13 years old.
Health is very important.
If you are a smoker, you will be asked to stop smoking for a few weeks before and after rhinoplasty, as nicotine will contract blood vessels, especially those on the skin, which will interfere with treatment.Like all cosmetic surgeries, you need to have realistic expectations of the results.No one is perfect and even the best cosmetic surgeon doesn't necessarily give you a perfect nose.
In any case, fashion changes for what a beautiful face is, and rhinoplasty is not a reversible process.Your plastic surgeon will let you do some lab tests and general medical assessments.He will ask what medicines and health products you are taking and he may want to adjust them.
You need to avoid taking any aspirin and any resistanceBecause they tend to dilute the blood and may increase bleeding, inflammatory drugs or supplements.Your cosmetic surgeon will talk to you in advance about how the surgery will proceed.He or she will give you any prescription in advance so that you can prescribe it at any time during your recovery period.
You and your surgeon can discuss anesthesia methods and what you should do the night before and in the morning of the operation.You may become "NPO After Midnight", which means that you should not eat anything after midnight based on the assumption that your surgery is scheduled to take place at 8.m.The next morningBe sure to arrange someone to drive you home.
Nose surgery can be performed as an open or closed procedure.Refers to the location and number of cuts.In a closed operation, an incision was made on the small column-a small piece of tissue that separates the nostrils below the tip of the nose.
In closed surgery, an incision is performed inside the nose, which means there will be no obvious scar.Depending on what needs to be done, your cosmetic surgeon will make a judgment.Cartilage can be transplanted from other parts of the body and attached together to change the shape of the nose.
The hump of the nose may shrink, the diaphragm will straighten, and the angle of the tip of the nose will change.When the work is completed, all cuts are closed and internal splints or tubes will be placed.When the nose is healed, they support it for about a week.
There will be some swelling and bruises at the beginning of recovery, but it will subside in a few weeks.Your cosmetic surgeon will give you some written instructions on how to take care of yourself in recovery.There will be a seriesSo that your progress can be monitored and any potential problems can be identified in advance.
It is very important to follow your surgeon's surgery.The operation instructions are closely related because your successful recovery depends on this.Do not resume exercise or strenuous activity until you get permission.
Be sure to walk around as carefully as possible, however, as this helps prevent any blood clots and helps with blood circulation, which is critical for a successful cure.The result of success depends on a lot of things. First of all, your choice.Qualified and goodExperienced cosmetic surgeonDo your homework well, choose someone you have confidence in, someone who has time to talk to you, and make sure you understand how to play your "patience" role.
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