how this gold coast millennial uses chinese e-commerce giant alibaba to sell coconut oil to the world - organic professional skin care product lines

how this gold coast millennial uses chinese e-commerce giant alibaba to sell coconut oil to the world  -  organic professional skin care product lines
After expanding into Southeast Asia, Alibaba aims to India to increase the revenue of e-commerce in China.
At home, business giants face fierce competition.
Photo: APBrynley King and her family are selling $5.
Every year, 7 million worth of coconut oil products are exported from the Gold Coast to the world, thanks to Alibaba. com.
Image source: Adam Hedley King of the Australian news group is still pinching himself. The 25-year-
Always watching her family's business grow from a small company in the Gold Coast garage to a multi-company
Made her a million-dollar operation of the International coconut oil tycoon.
Banaban virgin coconut oil products are available on the shelves of department stores, health food stores and supermarkets in Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, Malta, Hungary, Taiwan and even Mongolia-
Thanks for e-commerce in China
E-commerce giant Alibaba
Founded in 1999 by entrepreneur Jack Ma, Alibaba is now the world's largest retailer and will open an office in Melbourne later this year to expand its business in Australia.
The company debuted 2014 times on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming the largest IPO in history, consisting of e-commerce companies
Businesses, cloud computing, payments, marketing, media and entertainment companies worth $257 billion.
Brynley King is sweeping the culinary world.
Image Source: Australian news group King and her family quickly accepted Alibaba's businessto-
Commercial sales platform now sells nearly $6 million annually to far
The flying area of the world.
"For us from the Gold Coast, I don't know how we end up selling to places like Mongolia," she said . ".
"How did the Mongols find us?
This is the power of Alibaba.
"Banaban currently produces more than 90 types of coconut food and body care products, with overseas markets accounting for about its sales.
A mini-website was launched on Alibaba.
Three months ago, the company allowed potential distributors to easily find their products and recently reached an agreement with a large Spanish supermarket chain.
"This is an important milestone in our business," MS Kim said . "
"We are pinching ourselves.
She said South Korea, China and the United States are coming soon.
"Everything online" brynley King is sweeping the culinary world.
Picture John GassSource: The Australian news group was founded in 2004 when MS Kim was only 12 years old --
Before coconut oil became a hit
Today is after the product.
"I am very lucky, my mother is very skilled," she said . ".
"She knew Alibaba and she said 'we can wholesale it to the whole world.
We just put the list up and say, let's see what happens. This is in return.
"But success is not guaranteed, and family friends are surprised when the parents of the King of MS announced that they will enter the coconut industry.
"My parents remortgaged their house and sacrificed everything on a whim," MS Kim said . ".
Mom Stacey King quit her company job and started her business with her husband Ken Sigrah, a Banaban Islander from Fiji.
"Everyone told my mom, 'You are crazy and nobody knows what coconut oil is.
But they lined everything up.
One day our business changed overnight and became so popular.
"In 2011, when a reporter raised a bottle of Banaban coconut oil on one of the current things, sales fell.
"We changed from 5 orders a day to 200 orders --
"It's crazy," said MS Kim.
The company currently has 30 employees, including seven Banaban Islanders at the Coconut Plantation in Fiji.
MS Kim himself was a descendant of phosphate miners working on the island of Banaba in early 1900, when the island was part of the British Empire.
Her family began operating the coconut oil business with the aim of drawing attention to the plight of Banaban Islanders who were driven out of their homes by the colonial authorities and resettled in Fiji.
"We are not just another coconut oil," MS Kim said . "
From Australia to all over the world, banaban is thousands of small Australian-to-
Use Alibaba's medium-sized enterprises to enter the global market.
The Chemist Warehouse is the first merchant in the world to reach 10 yuan in Tmall.
About million dollars)
Sales were only 46 minutes after midnight on November 11.
"This has left us with the greatest expectations," said chief operating officer Mario Tusk . ".
Alibaba is expanding its local operations and will open an office in Melbourne at the end of this year, led by Zhou Meiqi. The company currently has more than 36,000 employees worldwide, with 48 employees.
Australian shoppers are most familiar with eBay's English rival AliExpress, which sells everything from fast fashion to smartphone accessories, children's toys and camping gear.
But this is business. to-
Business aspects of e-commerce
Where's Mom-and-
Dad and entrepreneurs will definitely gain something.
The idea on the MS week chart is that the Australian clothing Tmall is globally represented by the 1300 brand of the world's fifth largest seller.
It is already the second in the world of Taobao, Taobao uses the network of Chinese dealers-purchasing.
Australia's most popular products in China are baby products, skin care products, fresh food, health care products, grains, beef, dairy products, natural skin care products, organic matter and sportswear, MS Zhou said.
She said that it is useful to use purchasing channels, because it is difficult for Western businessmen to understand the huge differences in the Chinese market --
Even people who speak this language
"These dealers have their own loyal customers who know what consumers want," MS Zhou said . ".
Tmall is the world's best fit for established brands and Alibaba, she said.
Com allows small producers
Well-known products entering the wholesale market. dana. mccauley@news. com.
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