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How to Apply Blush According to Face Shape - multi purpose skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-11
How to Apply Blush According to Face Shape  -  multi purpose skin care products
Learn how to apply blush based on your face, how to make decisions between cream and powder blush, and what colors and tools you need to get the perfect effect.
When deciding on cream and powder blush, there is a bit to consider in addition to personal preferences.
Use powder blush when you wear foundation.
Before applying, it is important to fix the foundation with powder.
This can make your blush even.
Always mix with the brush. Kabuki brushes are ideal for this brush and complete the perfect surface treatment with further powder dust removal.
Unless you use the right product, applying a powder blush on a mature or problematic skin can be difficult.
The problem with powder blush is that it will precipitate into lines and wrinkles.
To minimize this, use a very light texture product.
Is one of the best options for mature skin.
Or, depending on the effect you want, you can use a powder that is one or two shades deeper than your skin tone.
If there is a problem with your skin, you may find that the powder blush will gather when the pores expand.
To prevent this, apply a cream on the foundation.
In general, you should not apply cream blush on the foundation.
On the other hand, if subtle light is applied under the foundation, or on a very light liquid foundation, it works well.
However, when you're wearing a colored moisturizer or letter cream (BB, CC, DD), it's better to wear cream blush or nothing.
Apply cream blush with ring finger and mix with wedge foundation sponge.
Can you use lipstick cream blush?
There are some very good ones.
The good thing is (lips and cheek stains), but it's usually not a good idea to use real lipstick on your cheeks.
Because the temperature of the cheek is higher than the temperature of the lips, its pigment may be separated from the basic substance, which may lead to unwelcome changes in color and texture;
You may have noticed how some lipsticks change color in warm weather.
If you do find the need to apply lipstick as a blush, use a matte or satin finish product and always fix it with powder.
Select the blush color corresponding to lipstick and skin color.
For example, a cool pink blush that doesn't look good on warm beige skin.
Natural Brown, Amber and Siena are a great choice for beige skin tones as all you want is a healthy gloss.
But because the artificial light will devour the color, you need something more vibrant at night.
Try shades like salmon, coral, cinnamon and terracotta, which are easily mixed together to produce a soft effect while staying up late.
For cool porcelain skin tones, choose blue or cool pink tones such as magenta and rosewood.
Strong red is excellent for very dark skin tones.
Try hibiscus and tomato.
How much you blush depends on the size of the brush and the pressure you apply.
To create a soft, natural look, use a large blush or powder brush, which is also a bronze color applied throughout the face.
The smaller the brush, the stronger the effect.
Applying blush is more important than simply applying color to your cheeks.
Blush should be applied according to the face type.
Unless otherwise stated, the following techniques are most easily realized using powder products and Tapered Blush brushes.
Depending on the desired effect, you can use blush, bronze or powder that is one or two shades darker than your skin color.
If you do not use powder products, please use wedge-
A shaped foundation sponge and cream blush, or a liquid or cream foundation in one or two shades deeper than your skin tone.
You are very lucky if your face is oval.
Since it is considered a perfect face shape, there is no need to correct the shadow.
During the day, just sweep your cheeks with a large powder brush.
The lighter the color, the fresher the effect.
For the night, tilt from where the cheekbones begin to tilt, and apply a more vibrant blush.
This creates a defined, well-outlined look.
To get a more dramatic effect, use the inclined brush.
Also, you can use a powder brush to cover your cheeks with a translucent shimmer product, but this will only look good if your skin tone is perfect and the face does not tend to be round.
It is also worth pointing out here that you can't color or form a profile with a shiny product, which can only be done with a matte product.
If your forehead is wide and your chin is pointed, you have a heart-shaped face, or, as it is not too straight-forward to mention, a "triangle" face.
With blush or other coloring products, its outline can be softened to make it look more balanced.
With a cone brush, starting at the top of the outermost point of the cheekbone, turn the color down and inward towards the center of the face, but there is no further vertical level than using your outer corner of the eye.
Without reloading the brush, go back to where you started working and work the product up to the corners of your temples and forehead.
Finally, cover the tip of the chin with something left on the brush.
The square face is big and heavy, especially at the chin.
From half of the cheekbone, apply blush diagonally. The low position will break the face space and reduce the weight of the chin.
With something left on the brush, shade the corner of the forehead.
Even if you apply blush for pure decoration rather than corrective purposes, the most important thing is that you avoid the product with a slight grain or a smooth surface, which can aggravate the circle.
Matte products for round face only.
In Brown and natural tones you will get the best results.
With a cone brush, work from the ear to the corner of the mouth along the lower profile of the cheekbone.
Fast and short travel ensures a good mix.
Don't load your brush with too many products. At the nasolabial groove, the color should fade completely.
Apply the remaining color on the brush to the narrowest area between the eyebrows and the line.
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