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How to Apply Eye Makeup If You Wear Glasses - Look Sexy Behind Those Lenses! - estee lauder top skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-03
How to Apply Eye Makeup If You Wear Glasses - Look Sexy Behind Those Lenses!  -  estee lauder top skin care products
Make your eyes stand out!
Wearing glasses should not hide your beautiful eyes!
While a pair of gorgeous frames attract attention to the eye area, they also cast shadows, causing the eye area to look exhausted.
By choosing the right product and following the steps below, your eyes will attract the attention they deserve.
Apply the cover cream under the eyes, the outermost corner of the eye and under the eyebrow bone.
This lights up the entire area of the eye, which is usually covered by glasses.
It is easy to mix and does not form wrinkles.
Choose a 1 degree shade cream lighter than your skin tone to counter any shadow your frame or lens may cast in the eye area.
If you have mixed or oily skin, slide the powder primer on the closed eyelid.
The oil on your skin can cause eye makeup to fade and apply.
This step will ensure long-term
Wear and creasesFree Eye Shadow
One of the best eye shadow primer is Matteo cosmetics Super powder for oily skin.
The oil piled up on your skin all day is the main culprit of eye shadow folds.
Super powder absorbs oil and helps eye shadow to attach to the eyelid to prolong the wearing time.
If your skin color is greasy, you can also use the super powder as a primer before the Foundation & afterwards as a gel powder.
Use a white or light beige highlighter under the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow bone.
Again, since the glasses create shadows around your eyes, this step will illuminate your entire eye area.
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Arrange your eyes with a liquid or pencil lining.
This is a particularly important step because it defines the frame of the eye.
You can apply padding around your eyes or just on your upper eyelid.
To create a slender look, spread the liner out for a quarter and pass through the end of the upper cover.
If you're down, it's essential.
The eyes are turned around, or they may be almond-shaped, and the back of the glasses looks sleepy.
Before making a smokey eye, gently line up the inner edge of the lower cover to make the evening look sultry.
The two great eyeliner are Kat Von d Tattoo s Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner (perfect wing look) and Estee lauders double wear eyeliner (long lasting waterproof for inner edge of inner lining)
The liner app helps define the shape of the eyes so they don't get lost behind the lenses!
Apply your chosen eyeshadow.
During the day, you can choose a neutral beige, brown or peach color tone.
In the evening, it's fun to create a bold gray, black or navy smoke eye.
Don't be afraid to play Color games when you wear glasses!
Eye-catching blue-green stripes close to your black lining, or shiny green eyeshadow, look interesting and vibrant behind the lens.
Just make sure that only the covers are painted bright or dark, placing them where the eyebrows are too close can result in an overly crowded and outdated look.
It's best to use eye shadow with a little shimmer or shine, as it will make your skin tone bright and stand out behind the glasses.
Matte eye makeup looks muddy and monotonous.
Curly eyelashes and mascara.
If you take the time to not do anything else, at least roll your mascara up and apply it.
Straight or drooping lashes will make you look tired and force your glasses to stand out more than your eyes.
Curling them is an instant, uplifting solution that will make you look more energetic, alert, and happy.
Those with oily skin will find it helpful to use a waterproof variety as it will remain curled and will not be applied throughout the day.
Try the l's false fiber eyelashes and increase the length and volume.
If you find that your mascara extends eyelashes for too long, so they slide over your lenses, then replace the lengthened varieties with a volumetric formula.
Try to cover the girl's lashes with thick and frivolous lashes.
Do you have any additional tips for the eyes to stand out behind the glasses?
Let us know in the comments section below!
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