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how to attach tulle to a skirt | - how to layer skin care products huda beauty

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-20
how to attach tulle to a skirt |  -  how to layer skin care products huda beauty
Whether you want to give the dress a little fluff or want a whole batch, adding tulle is the easiest way to get the task done.
Tulle is a cheap fabric similar to the net and it is easy to connect to the waist of the skirt with sewing machine or needle and thread.
In addition to being easy to use, this fabric is cheap and will not wear out when cutting, and is an ideal textile.
Once the gauze is attached, consider adding padding between your legs and the gauze, as the fabric can be very rough on the skin.
Flip your skirt and reveal the inner belt.
You will attach the tulle directly to the belt so that the skirt will extend outward at a uniform slope.
Use a sewing machine set to a large zigzag stitch to sew the gauze on the belt or thread the needle with a nylon thread.
Start sewing inside the belt and work around.
Don't worry about the length of tulle;
You will trim it at the end.
When the needle and thread are used, pass the needle through a separate mesh hole.
Turn the skirt to the right ".
Trim the tulle using fabric scissors so that it fits evenly with the hem of the skirt or slightly above the hem of the skirt.
Add extra tulle if you want the dress to reveal further.
To prevent the skirt from having too much gauze at the waist, you will sew the gauze in the middle of the first layer of gauze.
Mark the area you want to sew tulle with fabric chalk or little magic marks.
Because it's inside the dress, you won't see this place.
Measure up from the bottom of the tulle to the same distance in several areas inside the skirt.
This will ensure that the tulle on the second floor is uniform.
Sew the second layer of tulle with a needle and thread to prevent the tulle from tearing.
Work around the internal tulle before the second layer is completed.
Trim the second floor like the first.
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