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How to Choose the Right Soap for Your Skin Type - Which Soap is Best for Your Skin Type - clinique skin care products for sensitive skin

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-10
How to Choose the Right Soap for Your Skin Type - Which Soap is Best for Your Skin Type  -  clinique skin care products for sensitive skin
If you are considering whether to choose a cream cleanser or stick to a soap for a soft and smooth skin, read onskinned facts.
Soap is usually made up of animal or plant fat and caustic soda, with perfume, color and natural extracts added.
While this is a very effective formula for removing skin grease and dirt, it also dries the skin.
The problem with soap is its alkaline composition, and our skin is often slightly acidic.
Therefore, after washing the skin with soap, the protective acid sleeve of the skin is immediately disturbed and you may feel the skin dry.
Put on with cotton wool, not so harsh and not dehydrated.
Its formula gives a gentle feeling.
Since it is liquid, manufacturers can add other ingredients that help moisturize the skin.
The downside is that the cleaned skin often does not feel clean compared to cleaning with soap and water. .
Facial cleanser is a solid cleaner that is exactly the same as soap and gives you the best of both worlds, a refreshing water
Easy to rinse products that are not too dry.
Which one is the best?
The truth is, there is no perfect soap.
Some cleanser contains such a high proportion of detergent and other additives that they are more irritating and dehydrated than soap, which includes moisturizing oil, offsetting the drying effect of essential ingredients in the bar.
For most people, finding the soap that suits you is a trial and error case.
Avoid tight, fried or flaky cleaning products that make your skin feel uncomfortable.
If you have a good skin tone and like to use soap, then there is no reason why you don't insist on using it at all. -
Natural oil for skin.
It looks very shiny and prone to acne.
It needs to be cleaned regularly.
However, avoid buying strong soap if you wash regularly.
Remove dirt and grease to avoid skin damage.
Pay attention to exfoliating soap with mild ingredients such as oatmeal, sea salt, peach core and brown sugar.
They are more gentle and natural on the skin.
It can hurt or stimulate your skin.
Look for the most gentle exfoliating soap to help remove blocked pores and scrub dead skin cells.
If your skin is not sensitive, you can exfoliate three or four times a week with exfoliating soap.
Otherwise, for sensitive skin, exfoliating soap should be used every two to three weeks.
Another good choice.
If your skin feels greasy during the day, wipe it with a paper towel.
Dry skin, insufficient sebum.
Such as soap.
Glycerin is a colorless compound known for its moisturizing properties.
It is easy to dissolve in water.
It's also a good solvent.
It absorbs moisture from the air and naturally moisturizes your skin.
They can be enriched with coconut or poached oil, aloe vera, cocoa butter, avocado or vegetable oil that best suits dry skin.
Cream Cleanser and cleaning stick.
Avoid using coarse soap.
If your skin is very dry, you can wipe your face with toner in the morning, or splash it on your face with warm water, using soap only at the end of the day. than oily skin.
There are many soap and facial cleanser designed for sensitive skin.
They do not contain perfumes and pigments, which are normal irritating substances for the skin.
These soaps are also pH-
Balance, matched with the acidity of the skin, there is less chance of breaking the delicate balance of the skin.
Bacteria and excess oil can cause spots on the skin.
-Anti-drug soap
This problematic skin is often solved with bacterial ingredients.
However, as a source of medicinal soap, avoid soap that is too harsh on the skin.
--xa0It can not only remove harmful bacteria, but also beneficial bacteria that keep the skin healthy.
Once again, try a mild formula first and don't wash your face with this medicine soap often, because it does more harm than good.
-Combination skin is a combination of oily skin and dry skin.
In this case, avoid using soap designed specifically for the treatment of dry or oily skin.
Soap for dry skin will make the oily area more dry, while soap for oily skin will make the dry area more dry.
In this case, choose commercial soap or better natural soap for normal skin.
For this kind of skin, it is acceptable to have the glycerin soap.
Also rinse-
Detergent specially formulated for combination skin, these are also very good.
Normal skin will not be too greasy or dry.
Avoid choosing soap specially prepared for dry or oily skinxa0You canxa0Worse skin condition than the current skin condition.
Many commercial soap and herbal soap are designed for normal to oily or dry skin.
These products are very good to use.
Soap with high pH or acidity
Natural or herbal soap contains a large amount of chemicals that may be harmful to the skin.
Natural soap or herbal soap is a better choice as it contains natural products that are softer, healthier and less prone to damage to the skin.
When the commercial soap removes the glycerin from the soap, the natural soap is also more able to maintain the glycerin content, resulting in a dry effect on the skin.
In order to keep the skin in good moisture, it is essential that the glycerin.
For people with skin problems, natural soap provides aromatherapy and herbal treatments for your skin and nourishes the skin.
Before buying a natural soap, it is important to check the ingredients to make sure it contains real natural ingredients.
Some soaps may claim to be natural or herbal, but actually contain chemicals and harmful substances.
Some soap, for example, claims to contain lavender, but it contains lavender balm.
Sesame oil is different from essential oil.
The effect is different.
If you have time and interest, you can also make your own herbal soap by using a soap base and adding different herbs and oils.
Making your own soap guarantees the actual ingredients contained in the soap. 1.
In order for your soap to be used longer, store it in a dry place.
The drawer of the clothes is a good place to store the clothes because it is dry and will keep the fragrance of the clothes at the same time. 2.
The glycerin soap absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, so it is easy to soften.
So please put them in the soap box and in the dry place. 3.
It is estimated that about 5 kg of soap is used per person per year.
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