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how to clean a printer by ray geide - - wet paper towels tissues

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-04
how to clean a printer by ray geide -  -  wet paper towels tissues
Do you often jam your printer?
Will it put the ink where it shouldn't put it?
Is the outside of your printer dirty or stained?
If so, it's time to clean up the printer.
First of all, there are some general rules for cleaning any electrical equipment.
It's best to turn it off before cleaning the printer.
Do not spray water or detergent on the printer or inside the printer.
Instead, wet the rag with it and clean the printer with a rag.
Different cleaning methods are required for different types of printers.
So if you can get the manufacturing of the printer and the cleaning instructions for the model, then do it.
Unfortunately, many manufacturers only provide this information to their licensed technicians.
You have to follow these instructions in this case, so please keep reading.
Turn on your printer and have a look.
If you have an inkjet printer with a ball of ink inside, clean it up with a wet paper towel.
If you have a printer that uses a vacuum or blows out Toner.
Some Toner, especially color toner, is harmful to your body, so you can only use Micro
Toner filter or blow and run.
Figure out where the drum is (it's shiny and bigger in diameter than the drum) and don't touch or scratch it.
If you do, the scratches will appear on every piece of paper you print and ask you to replace the drum (not a cheap option) to fix it.
Check the path of the paper through the printer.
Clean all the rollers (but on the toner printer, not the drum or roller near the drum, and pay attention to the rollers after the drum, as they may be hot ).
To find some rollers, some disassembly and/or distortion of the arm may be required.
Access is not always easy.
The most important roller to clean is to pick up the paper from the paper barrel and transfer it to the roller in the printer.
If these rollers are dirty or bad, they cause consistent cardboard.
The roller is made of hard plastic or rubber.
All rollers can be wiped with water or alcohol.
If there is sediment on the rubber roller that can't fall off, you can use a tougher cleaner, but be careful because these cleaners can damage the plastic roller and parts.
To clean the roller, wipe it on the roller with a wet rag, rotate the roller and wipe it again.
Do this until you work all the way around the roller.
Look at the Rag.
If it is blackened by the drum, move to the clean part of the rag and clean the drum again.
Once everything inside is clean, close it and clean the things outside.
Wipe the case and each button or knob.
If there are staples or paper clips on top or stuck in a crack, remove them and throw them away.
Other areas of the printer can be cleaned, but to be cleaned you will have to be trained and special tools or handed over to a trained professional.
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