How to clean your face with natural ingredients - homemade facial masks for combination skin recip

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How to clean your face with natural ingredients - homemade facial masks for combination skin recipes

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-23
How to clean your face with natural ingredients  -  homemade facial masks for combination skin recipes
This extensive list of treatments and healing methods certainly covers skin care, and it is also very simple, just like nature itself.
Do we not eat healthy food to keep our bodies clean?
Well, our skin is the largest organ and it also benefits from clean, unconstrained care.
When you think of this, torture your face with the harsh chemicals and synthetic products found in the processing cleaner, which will only cause damage to our skin in the long run.
In order to unlock the maximum potential of your skin, simply travel to the agricultural aisle.
Understanding your skin type is a very important factor in keeping your skin healthy and young.
Otherwise, where would you start?
Facial skin is divided into five types: oily, dry, combined, sensitive and ordinary. 1.
Oily skin: acne is easy.
Oily skin looks younger despite this problem. 2.
Dry skin: it usually feels tight, itchy, dull and sensitive.
Occasionally there are obvious --flaky areas. 3.
Combined skin: the skin is divided into two parts, one through the forehead and the other extending down the nose to the chin.
This area is often oily and is where most of your outbreaks occur.
The rest of the face is the dry part that covers the inspection, around the mouth and the chin. 4.
Sensitive skin: it can be oily, dry or normal, but sensitive to the environment.
The weather, make-up, face cream, etc.
If irritated, a rash often breaks out. 5.
The normal skin is a balanced skin. it always looks energetic and moist, but it still needs care.
What is the AnOil cleaning method? method.
Basically, two oils, olive oil and olive oil were used in the process.
This method works amazing and fits all skin types.
Ironically, natural oil will actually dissolve the oil produced on your face and open the clogged pouring. .
They also absorb dirt that accumulates in pores.
The best time to use this method is at night, because your face goes through a lot during the day.
Prepare your oil mixture according to your skin type.
You don't need much castor sesame oil.
Try 1 1/2 teaspoon olive oil to 1/2 teaspoon olive oil.
: Try 1 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil and 3/4 teaspoon of olive oil.
1 teaspoon of olive oil to 1 teaspoon of castor sesame oil.
: Apply the appropriate mixture of the first three to different areas around the face.
All solutions are not required for one clean.
Store the rest in a small bottle or container for future use.
Apply the mixture without cleaning your face.
Take a nickel size, or, as needed, rub your hand together in your hand.
Then massage your entire face with your hands.
Take the time to massage your entire face and don't push too hard.
Take a clean towel and soak it in hot water.
Squeeze it out and fan it a little so it won't feel too hot.
Put the towel on your face and let it cool down.
This will open your downpour.
Cold towels don't work.
Remove the towel, repeat it again, or repeat it twice as needed.
There is no need to scrub your face or wash it later.
Your face will feel clean, smooth, and usually no need to apply a moisturizer, however, if you feel you need some, wipe it in with something light or a drop of oil mixture.
This cleanser is refreshing and healthy for your skin as you do not use any chemicals that help remove blemishes, acne, dark aging marks, etc.
Castor sesame oil contains a very unusual fatty acid, ric Sesame acid, which hinders the growth of many bacteria.
This is why it is well known that castor sesame oil has a good effect on acne.
Olive oil is a good moisturizer that can be horny.
It penetrates deeply and removes dead skin and other unwanted things from your skin.
Enjoy your glowing skin!
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