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**how to close any personality** | warrior forum - the #1 ... - how to wear facial mask properly

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-04
**how to close any personality** | warrior forum - the #1 ...  -  how to wear facial mask properly
Before I start, let me say that in most cases this person is not actually a jerk and it is just perceived.
Have you ever been stuck on the question of how to sell to a certain personality?
Do you want to know how to build a more harmonious relationship with people who are very different from you?
Have you ever thought that this person just doesn't understand?
\ "Is there an ethical group that you can't seem to tie up with to end the sale?
First of all, please allow me to give a small wake-up call to all sales staff and businesses.
If you can accommodate me on this basis, it will help to understand and build a complete concept.
Before you move forward, it is important to know where you are now.
Let me say that, if you are in trouble on any one person, it is your fault.
If you have a problem building rapport with people whose personality is very different from yours, that's your fault.
It's your fault if you meet someone you can say "man, this guy just doesn't understand.
It's your fault if you can't sell to certain ethical groups.
Did I mention it was your fault.
The only good thing about blaming each other, friends, is that if you do that, it means you don't have to change.
It seems that we would rather think it was someone else's fault than admit what we did wrong.
You are professional in your field.
It is your responsibility to see where the gap is and to close it.
The other party will not.
Those who understand that admitting their mistakes is a virtue that leads to problem solving tend to achieve great success.
According to your sales area, each sales area has its own closing price.
As a telemarketer, I have to make 200 calls to complete the sale, and the car salesperson may have to talk to 7 clients to make a deal.
These are two of many examples.
What I have learned, however, is that in face-to-face situations, the average salesman closes 8%-
12% of potential customers.
Most salespeople think their proportion is higher than that, but don't understand the word "potential customers.
The average closing price of top salespeople is 20%-30%.
Few people can exceed these ratios.
These are averages.
Some areas have an average sales of 50%, but these areas are specific sales areas for specific customers, not the usual sales areas.
I want to see why our ratio is so low and why even the best is only around 25%.
I think this is to some extent understanding social communication.
In most sales people I think I have good social skills until I have carefully looked at the numbers and compared them to the four major social personality types.
Looking at these two aspects at the same time, we can learn a lot of useful information.
If there are four main personalities, most people's personalities are mainly one of the four, which means that your personality matches 25% of the people on Earth.
This makes 75% of people not sharing the main part of your personality type.
Well, if the average salesman only charges 8%-
The average sales of 12% and top sales staff is 25%, what does this tell us about the average sales staff?
More importantly, what does it tell us about top salesmen?
Here is my purpose, my friends, top salesman sold 25% and their personality type matches 25% of the public personality.
The conclusion is that the best sales people in the world have simply mastered themselves and this is a big step towards success.
I'm not saying they only focus on their personality type.
Now that they have mastered themselves, I intend to do so.
They have a very high proportion of the same personality type and have collected some from the other three main personalities.
People are very attractive to those who are like-minded.
I can delve into the issue and may one day expand it into a full report, but now I will shorten it in order to provide more quick information for all of you.
Let's take a quick look at the four main personality types.
They have different titles for different writers or psychologists.
I named them lions, peacocks, owls and golden retriever.
Just to give a quick overview of the personality without much detail: or the personality of the bear, as some say.
This is a very strong leadership personality.
Peacock: This person is a show. They have stories they have to present.
They are personalities!
This is very suitable for many sales people.
Owl: This person will not make a decision without research, a thoughtful person.
They are usually accountants, office staff, etc, but not always.
Golden hound: This person just wants everyone to live a long life.
They go alone with most people.
They like a peaceful and happy life.
Safety is important.
If the four were friends who went out to eat, the conversation might be like this.
Okay, where do we want to eat.
The lion spoke right away. let's go to the chili restaurant.
The Peacock said, oh, it reminds me of one time, my cousin tried to do a bunch of sit-ups after we had a cold night.
Let me tell you. . . .
Said the owl, wait, let me check.
It said on my BlackBerry that the peppers have 3 stars in what I like to eat, and there are 4 stars in TGI Fridays right next door.
According to the statistics, the chances of us enjoying TGI will be even greater.
What do you think of the golden retriever?
The golden retriever said that the place you want to go is very good for me.
Study these four main personality types and adjust your personality while talking to them.
Here's just some ideas for you.
Lion: they are the masters. they will show them.
If you are confident in them at first, they will respect you and then soften.
They don't allow you to control them, but they also don't respect the people you allow them to control them.
Peacock: he likes acting.
He wants to feel that what he does fits his personality and he can wear like his new leather jacket or his shiny red car, and he buys the car mainly because of the color.
He needs your energy!
Owl: collect as much third party evidence as possible and fully support the information he brings.
This person is proud to know what they know.
Never ignore what they say even if your thoughts are not accurate.
They know what they know.
Golden retriever: they need to feel safe without making mistakes.
Speak with numbers.
This is what most of my clients find.
Most of my customers have come to the conclusion that this is the case.
You make a wise decision here.
The man can even bring a coach for the third base.
The third base coach is probably a lion or peacock.
Then adjust your sales to that personality type.
They will "sell" Golden hounds, so you have to sell them.
It's also helpful to think about these personality types of friends or family members and ask yourself how I would look at them or take the next step and ask them how to sell.
I hope this helps you to get 75% of what is not your main character type.
This will be most beneficial for those who have or are close to mastering themselves, and it is a great feat in itself.
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