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how to cook celeriac - can avocado be used as a facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-21
how to cook celeriac  -  can avocado be used as a facial mask
If there are losers (under root? )
In the world of vegetables, celeriac is a knotted vegetable that is often overlooked in supermarkets.
If it really catches our eyes, it's because it looks so strange and is covered with obscene attachments, dirt --
Full of gaps and warty bumps.
At first glance, it doesn't seem easy to get along with or like to taste, so why bother?
But it's special.
The raw celeriac has a great crunch and super nuts and celery
I like the taste of salad and salad.
Once cooked, it comes with a slight sweetness and can be mashed, baked or boiled well.
All this proves that celeriac is a very versatile vegetable that is perfect in seasonal variations.
How to prepare for all the shortcomings of celeriac, celeriac is not really hard to work.
The key is not to be too precious for losing a little meat.
Top with a good knifeand-
Then continue the tail around it and cut off the rest of the skin.
You can now cut celeriac into any kind of block, slice or strip you need based on the recipe.
Please note that once sliced, it will change color quickly and dip the pieces in a bowl of water with lemon juice or splash white wine vinegar.
How to Cook celeriacRaw is a big addition to the salad.
Celeriac remoulade is a classic practice, it is a simple salad made up of celeriac, mayonnaise, mustard and lemon juice.
But it's worth trying some of the more unusual recipes, like Nathan Otello's root vegetable salad or Paul Ainsworth's celeriac, apple and fennel salad.
Celeriac is also worth cooking.
You can treat it like any vegetable.
Bake like a potato.
Boil it, mash it with other root dishes, or serve it yourself.
Like Marcello tully's blue cheese soup, it's also a great winter soup.
Or try the whole celeriac baked by Paul Foster's salt skin, or the oxtail and celeriac lasagna of Matthew Tomkinson.
Underrated nuts, celerylike flavour.
It adds substance to the dishes in the same way as potatoes and is an ideal healthy alternative.
When smashed, celeriac becomes light and fluffy, with great taste and texture.
Celeriac50g. celeriac of 1 hair salt skin, cut into 2-3cm chunks.
Put in a pan of the right size, cover with water and add salt to season.
Boil, cook 15-20 minutes.
These pieces are cooked when the knife is easy to cut.
Drain the water and put celeriac back in the pan with butter and mashed potatoes until smooth.
Taste the season.
Change: when cooking, try adding herbs such as Hundred Miles or rosemary in the water;
Adding chopped garlic will also give you extra flavor.
For indulgent mash-ups, stir cream after mash-up, and add cracked black pepper or ground anemone.
Service advice: Celeriac mashed potatoes are a supplement to rich dishes and can be used as a delicious side instead of potatoes.
Try it with Andy Water's veggies Wellington or Chris Holic's grilled chicken breast, potato sauce and pine kernel.
It is also very suitable for the traditional roast beef casserole.
The juicy lamb leg recipe by Jeremy Lee is awesome and a fuss
A free alternative to traditional Sunday barbecues.
Plain celeriac with tender fennel and selected bitter leaves-chef's recommended selection of puntarelle, chrysanthemum ory and British leaves-stewed in olive oil, decorated with chopped dill Rops, fresh, lowcarb side.
Lamb leg, about 2 kg, maxed fli Sea salt Black pepper stewed vegetables 1 small celeriac2 a handful of English leaves, puntarelle and other bitter leaves 2 small onions 1 fennel ball, 150 ml olive oil, 250 ml lemon, two dill, about a large casting.
In a medium iron frying pan-
Low heat until hot.
Apply the fat layer of mutton to salt and place in large quantities, fat-
Under the hot pan side.
Gently cook without interference for 30 minutes.
Preheat the oven to 150 °c/gas mark 2.
Once the lamb is cooked on one side, turn your legs over and leave for cooking 15-
20 minutes, until cooked, still a little pink in the middle.
To test if the meat is ready, insert a metal skewer in the middle-it should get hot when touching.
At the same time, prepare vegetables.
Put the oil into a wide and heavy chassis and heat it gently.
Cut the onions into small pieces and add them to the pan to soften (but not colour)
In the warm oil
When the onion is cooked, peel the fennel and chop it and put it in a pan for 5 minutes.
Carefully peel celeriac and cut it into 2 rough pieces.
5 cm square, join the pot with bitter leaves and water.
Stir with the lid and cover the lid, then gently cook for 30 minutes and shake occasionally.
After the mutton is cooked, transfer the pot to the oven and cook it for another 10-
12 minutes until crisp.
Remove from the oven, season with black pepper and leave for 45 minutes.
Remove the cooked vegetables from the fire, Stir the chopped dill, lemon juice and seasoning to taste.
Please set aside time and stay warm before you are ready for the service.
To serve, cut the lamb into uniform slices and separate between the dishes served.
Pile a pile of braised vegetables on each plate and finish with the remaining sheep gravy in the pan.
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