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How to Cover Gray Hair - for Men - facial mask for men beards

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-24
How to Cover Gray Hair - for Men  -  facial mask for men beards
No matter the hair of your head or face, you can cover the gray and become natural
No matter how gray you are or how resistant your hair is, you will see the results.
Gray doesn't necessarily mean you're getting old.
Many people noticed their first gray in their teens or early twenties.
But no matter how young your physique is or how smooth and strong your skin is, gray hair will make you look older.
When deciding whether to dye or gray yourself, consider the image you want to convey and whether you can do it.
As a gray man, you will be expected to behave and dress in a mature way that you may not be ready.
If so, the gray hair that drives away the hair and face is never as easy or more cautious as it is now.
You can do it once a month in the private space of the bathroom in about 15 minutes.
In fact, it's better to do it at home if you want nature
Because hairdressers often use overly rich colors that don't look real.
The first white hair can be mixed with half a hair. .
It is very easy to use: mix according to the instructions attached, apply to the hair, leave for five minutes and rinse.
Unless your hair is gray all over the body, there is no need to dye the whole head or use the whole package.
Mix the appropriate parts of the two supplied components into 1-to-
1 and only apply to areas where you are grayed out.
If dyeing the whole head, it is important that the back and sides are slightly darker than the top if you want to be naturalSee the results
To achieve this, first on the back, then on the side, and then on the top.
The reason for this is that the longer the dye remains, the darker the hair is. Semi-
Although the hair can not turn bright, it will turn black.
If you are unsure between the two shades, choose the lightest one.
Your goal should be to mix gray hair without changing the color of the rest;
Too dark shadows darken the whole head.
Another reason to choose a tone that is not as dark as your original color is that the skin color becomes pale as the hair becomes gray.
That's why the highly saturated color looks harsh and unnatural to people who are usually gray.
If you are dark, it is better to choose medium gray brown color so that you can maintain a dark look without human appearance;
The gray tone lacks red pigments, making them less intense and more naturallooking.
If your original hair color is black, dark brown or black
Brown usually gives the best results.
If you are red hair, the red product rarely looks natural.
Depending on the depth of your original color, warm brown and gold have the best effect.
Watch out for the red Brown as these brown ones almost always leave an oversaturated "obvious staining" effect.
The same is true if you choose a shadow that is too dark.
If you are blonde, use as close as possible to your own color.
If your hair starts to turn yellow, choose Gray to offset it.
Also developed half
Permanent dye for strong, bristle facial hair.
This product comes with a small coloring brush for easy use. Which Color?
Unless your beard color is significantly different, choose the same color as the hair on your head and apply it every two to four weeks as needed.
If you have a big beard, you will apply the dye first, and the hair is strongest and thickest to get a uniform color.
For most men, this is the chin, then the side corner, then the beard and the cheek, and finally the neck.
Can the eyebrows be dyed?
Although for safety reasons, the packaging instructions recommend not using beard dyes, it does restore the color of the eyebrows.
Alternatively, there are special lashes and eyebrow dyes in brown or black in the pharmacy.
What if your hair is too dark?
If you choose the color to be too dark, you can try to fade with a clarified shampoo, but it will only work if applied immediately after dyeing.
If you do not clarify the shampoo, mix the baking soda with the gentle shampoo at 1-to-
Similar effect.
However, this will not work if you use a permanent dye.
Similar products only work if you have 20% Gray or less.
When your hair color starts to fade and becomes "muddy" after a few days of application, you will notice that you need a different product.
Although sold exclusively for women, permanent dyes in pharmacies are also suitable for men and work well even on full gray or white hair.
However, the colors they usually have with exotic and fashion inspiration may be considered female.
Therefore, choose a tone similar to the color of natural hair, the simple name is "light brown", "medium brown", "deep gold", "medium blonde", etc.
Which product works best?
You need a product prepared for 100% gray and white coverage.
Provide a color range suitable for anyone who wants to be natural
Schwarzkopf is probably the most reliable pharmacy brand in Europe.
However, if you are looking for ash shades, you may need to visit the beauty provider, which you can find online. .
Seek advice from beauty suppliers if not sure;
Most people have a contact form on their website for this purpose.
Don't be misled: you will find dyes sold for men who claim to be "permanent", but if you read the product description carefully, you may find that they are actually halfpermanent.
Avoid "high" when selecting light or golden shadows"Elevator products.
The lighter hair may cause the hair to turn red.
Permanent dyes are used in the same way as semi-dyes
Permanent dyes, as described above, but developed for a long time.
For the hair of the head, keep for a long time as indicated (usually 20 to 30 minutes.
For the beard, rinse after about 10 or 15 minutes to prevent the color from getting too dark or too strong.
You may find that long lasting dyes make the hair on the face look unnatural, especially Brown.
If so, please use a medium or dark golden shade.
If you're not sure exactly which color to choose, choose medium gray blonde hair.
Strong rough hair usually stays gray or white after dyeing, or color fades after a day or two.
In this case it needs to soften or pre-
Processing in the order of color "take. Pre-
Enjoy it with 20 rolls of cream developers offered by beauty suppliers and online stores.
Just brush the substance on your hair, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse and dry the towel before applying the color.
You don't need to be prepared in advance.
If there is a problem with only certain areas, please handle the whole head or beard:g.
Temple, side corner, Chin.
To prevent skin staining, wear plastic or latex gloves and apply Vaseline to the hair line.
Otherwise, it is easy to remove stains with aftershave or rubbing alcohol and cotton balls.
In order to minimize the staining of the scalp or facial skin (and possible irritation), do not wash your head or face directly before dyeing.
If you make yourself completely gray, you may not want to return to a deeper color overnight.
For a cautious, gradual change, very natural-
The latter can also be used for facial hair.
The progressive dye is applied in the same way as the reissue, allowing you to control the speed at which you return to a deeper color and how much gray you cover.
Another advantage is that they do not contain peroxide or ammonia, which means there is no risk of damage to the hair or scalp.
On the other hand, they do contain lead acetate in the United States, which may pose a risk to health.
In Europe and Canada, the substance is banned for cosmetics.
Progressive dyes are usually light brown, medium brown, dark brown, black and jet black.
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