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how to determine if pizza sauce is bad? | ehow - lactic acid skin care product

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-14
how to determine if pizza sauce is bad? | ehow  -  lactic acid skin care product
Once opened and refrigerated, Jarred pizza sauce lasts about one to two weeks.
The shelf life of homemade sauces is usually shorter because it does not contain as many preservatives as the jarred variety.
Both products are sensitive to the growth of lactic acid bacteria, yeast and mold.
The easiest way to tell if your sauce is spoiled is to observe it.
If it smells, looks or tastes bad, or "goes bad", discard it immediately.
The high acid and salt content of most pizza sauces makes it more resistant to mold and bacterial growth than some other foods.
Nevertheless, if a dirty or used spoon advances into the jar in cold storage, or if the sauce flows out of the refrigerator for a long time, it may break faster than in two weeks.
To slow down the growth of microorganisms, your refrigerator should also be at 40 degrees F or colder.
If you're not sure how the sauce is handled, or if your refrigerator is cold enough, it's safest to throw any remaining pizza sauce.
If you heat the sauce once and then refrigerate it for about three days.
Unopened pizza sauce cans, past their "sale"by\" or \"best-
"There may be no problem eating dates.
These dates are usually said to be fresh and taste the best, not food safe.
If you really open a can of sauce it's sold out
By date, it looks or smells bad and throws it away.
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