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How to Do Your Nails Like a Rock Star - la skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-30
How to Do Your Nails Like a Rock Star  -  la skin care products
I was a notorious nail eater since I was a child.
In fact, it was not until I graduated from college that I finally got rid of the habit.
Then, when I was pregnant with my first, I was amazed at how fast, strong and beautiful my nails were.
Seeing how interested I am in my nails, my husband has done my nails for the first time, and I have been hooked since then!
Doing nails at the salon is of course the easiest and most indulgent way to finish the nails, but as a creative way, I am very interested in teaching myself to make designs and make my own nails.
I also spent a lot of time browsing YouTube and the Internet looking for cute and simple designs to try.
Now my son is a super toddler and I really don't have time to play nail designs ---
While French nail art and seasonal color selection are a great easy way to draw nails.
I tend to pursue more interesting and trendy styles.
So here are some tips for your rock star hand.
First of all, if your nails become brittle, broken, or you are a bad nail biting person as I used to be, then you need to learn how to take care of your hands and nails first.
To be honest, it doesn't take much.
For basic care, all you need is a good moisturizer, nail clippers and nail tools.
Moisten your hands every day.
When I first wrote this Hub, I mentioned that the fragrance-free Goat Milk lotion is good for people like me who are sensitive to skin.
Generally, it is good to use skin care products that do not contain potentially harmful chemicals.
According to the regulations of my dermatologistcleared up.
Cetaphil also has other creams and lotions for general use.
I love the brand but you should find a lotion that works for you. File your nails.
I prefer archiving instead of cropping because you can shape and smooth your nails more easily and better.
I 've also heard that this is actually better for your nails and strengthens them.
Manicure or manicure is really a matter of personal preference, but I would suggest at least getting the edge of the nail fixed.
This is because, unlike the boxed object, there is no weakness in the circular object.
As a result, the circular nails are unlikely to break.
I would say that nails are cut only if you want to remove a lot of length or severe deformation.
Push back to the skin.
If you have a metal filer, you may be able to do this using a plastic handle based on your nail filer.
Pushing the nails back is not only more beautiful, but also allows the nails to breathe, which will lead to healthier nails in the future.
I don't recommend cutting your nails because it can be painful and cause infection if not done properly.
These are just some super basic and simple tips on how to care for hands and nails.
In addition to these little things, you can regularly color your nails with clear calcium nail polish or other nail polish that strengthens your nails.
Massaging your hands is another way to pamper yourself and keep your hands soft.
, I mentioned some methods where you can make homemade scrubs and lotions with products that you may already have in your home.
Once a week or so, you can massage your hands with these scrubs or lotions to keep your skin soft (sweet)-yum).
Picking bold nail polish is the quickest and easiest way to make a statement with your nails.
Love hot pink, bright orange, neon yellow (I also like the effect of white nail polish ).
The color of this change is really cool when you move your hand, they remind me of the interior of the shell. .
Any of these polishing can make you feel the rock star you're looking.
However, I would suggest that before applying nail polish, put down one or two layers of clear or calcium nail polish no matter what you intend to do.
This will help prevent the color of the nail polish you are using from permanently killing your nails.
If you can't decide which one you want to use, you can play with these nail polish by applying a different color to each nail.
You can apply glitter nail polish on solid color nails to add a little more vitality.
I like to do this with hot pink and hot pink glitter polish, it adds a lot of personality.
Or you can add a little color to the tip of the nail and then give the nail tip cream with flash nail polish ---
This works especially well if your nails are long.
I have to say, though, that I did it in pink and blue, and I happen to think that blue looks much better.
Pink nails make my nails look bloody, so pay attention to your color selection.
My favorite metal polish is the ones that are really shiny and make it look like a piece of metal is glued to your nails.
I personally like silver best. Glow-in-the-
Dark nail polish is a really cool way to finish your nails.
Depending on whether or not you bought the colored one, it will become very clear ---
It's just a little cloudy.
To increase the touch, you can apply two coats on your painted nails.
It doesn't last long though, and you do need to make sure the light hits your nails well before turning off the lights.
If you feel ambitious and creative, nail art design is a very avant-garde way to nail art.
Some designs can be a bit complicated, especially if you don't have the right tools or a beginner, but here are some designs I 've done and/or I like, I think these designs are perfect for any skill level.
I was really excited when I finished the new nail design, so I would always take pictures before cleaning my nails.
If you have a little polish on your skin when applying nails or making designs, you can easily use Q-
Tips and some nail polish detergent.
Or, you can wipe it off when you take a shower or wash your hands.
The recording method is a very simple way to make clear lines.
Use painter/masking tape or clear tape to tape the area you don't want to draw.
Paint the rest of the nails.
Once Poland has solidified but is not completely dry yet, carefully pull the tape apart.
You can easily form diagonal lines on your nails in this way.
Diagonal color blocks are simple but visually interesting.
With some care you can also color your nails this way.
Nail polish with a thinner brush makes it easier to create thin lines on your nails and control the brush.
That's how I create the look on the right.
I drew diagonal lines on my nails.
Then, when the weather was dry, I applied some pink nail polish on a piece of paper and put 5 dots together using bobby pin's ballpoint pen to make the flowers.
Toothpicks can be used to create the same effect in a finer proportion.
For the look of "rock star" I will try this design with neon, black, white, metal and silver.
I like the tiger pattern (or zebra pattern) best applied to my nails because they are both fun and easy.
You don't have to worry about shaking your hands when making stripes.
Just drop your base color and draw on your stripes.
Observing tigers or zebras helps to understand how they look.
The cheetah print is really cute and very popular in nail art design.
Apply paint on your base color and then use a decorative painting pen, bobby pin or toothpick pain on the cheetah marker.
Then go back and add a brighter color to the center of the spot.
I recently made animal prints on my nails, painted hot pink nail polish, then painted hot pink glitter on it, then stripes, then light pink accents, and glitter
Like the rainbow flash aboveI loved it!
Try using wild colors to make your design more fun.
If you want to add a face, I would suggest drawing your image before you put it on your nail, or even painting it on the index card.
In order to make my tiger, I put an orange base first, then add two white dabs for the eyes, and put a white tip on the gun mouth.
Since I didn't have a nail trim pen, I was striped and actually used a nice sharp-pointed marker to add the details of the eyes and mouth.
The sharp work is done decent enough, but when I deal with the artwork with a clear polish, it flows a little blood, so I won't say it's the best.
Some people like to use their nails as canvas to express their love.
I strongly encourage you to try and find ways to incorporate your interests into your design.
It just highlights your personality and makes the design more interesting.
After I adopted my dog cookies, I put her on my nails.
I first applied her background color to my ring finger and then tried to imitate her gun mouth design.
After drying, I added her facial features with other art deco nail polish.
To design my Hello Kitty, I put down a coat and started drawing my Hello Kitty.
I took the white shape of her head and drew her bow and nose.
I re-entered with a black trim pen and added the linearity and detail, but had to decorate the color of the bow.
I made stripes on nail tips and small designs with brushes and bobby pins.
Here's a rock star manicure trick I almost forgot!
When flash nail polish is not enough, decorate your nail design with rhinestones and stickers.
Still, I wouldn't recommend this for a positive parent.
This also looks best on long natural nails or fake nails.
You can buy sticky rhinestones and stickers and stick it on your nails, or you can stick it to a stone using clear nail polish or nail polish and place paper cuts (or drawings ).
Apply a little clear nail polish or nail polish on your nails and place stones carefully.
It's better to do this using thin tweezers so you can see what you're doing and place it more accurately.
To attach a paper decal, print or draw your design and cut it off.
Then apply a little clear nail polish on your nails, place the decal carefully with tweezers and press.
Once it's set up, protect your art with at least two layers of clear nail polish.
I love to browse YouTube videos and learn about cool nail designs and tips.
Because she has a lot of cute nail designs, her tutorial is very clear and easy to copy.
Most of what I learned came from her.
Here are some nail tutorials that I find perfect for rock stars. .
Crackle nail polish is a quick and easy way to make rock stars look cool.
How can I forget this!
Fake nails are a good alternative for short nails and nail biting.
It may take some practice to make them look beautiful if you apply them yourself, but you can do it.
When my mom has to do her nails quickly at an event or meeting, she presses her nails with DIY and they look great if they are done well.
If you're going to the salon to do nails, check Yelp or talk to someone who used to do nails.
If the place does not look clean and is not well kept, try to find somewhere else.
Not good manicure or pedicure can easily lead to infection!
I have friends who can prove this.
For nail biting people, try to think about what makes you bite your nails and try to find an alternative way out.
For me, stress is the reason why I bite my nails;
I bite them all the time when I'm near school or exam time, but in the summer I stop.
Once you figure out what makes you bite your nails, try to find a more positive exit and be alert when you know you'll bite your nails.
To grow your nails, try taking multiple vitamins every day and use calcium nail polish and booster to make your nails stronger.
If you are a female, you can take prenatal vitamins even if you are not pregnant or breastfeeding-
They are just super multivitamin.
Not only do your nails grow fast and strong, your skin, hair and teeth will also benefit from it.
Thank you for your encouraging comments and wonderful questions!
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