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how to dry flowers flat | ehow - how to use delay wet tissue

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-02
how to dry flowers flat | ehow  -  how to use delay wet tissue
Saving and embossing is a very simple art that can be done with very ordinary household items.
You can use dried flowers in a variety of creative ways, such as making invitations, stationery, or collages.
Embossing is one of the oldest ways to preserve flowers, it includes drying and then embossing.
Pick some flowers.
Choose different colors and different levels of maturity.
A naturally flat flower, such as a violet or a three-color wolf, is ideal for selection.
Flowers should be in good condition at the beginning;
Flowers with withered petals or leaves are not a good choice.
Verify that there is no condensation on the flower because the wet petals will look brown and the color will decrease.
If you notice condensation, hang the flowers upside down in the dry area for a few hours before starting the drying process.
Put a flower in a paper towel and wrap it up in a newspaper.
Make sure the flowers are flat.
In the drying process, the tissue is the key because it absorbs all the moisture of the flower.
The flowers stay still for about a week.
It's better to put it in a dry dark place.
Remove the paper towel and leave the flowers wrapped in the newspaper.
Place the newspaper with flowers between two heavy books, or between the pages of a book and the other on it.
Place a small weight, another or two heavy books or any small weight object on it to maximize the flattening effect.
The time spent completely drying and leveling varies depending on the type of flower used, but usually takes two to three weeks.
Save the flower in the book until you are ready to use it.
In this way, it will maintain a flat shape.
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