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how to figure out the # of dials you need to make ... - how to put facial mask sheet

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-04
how to figure out the # of dials you need to make ...  -  how to put facial mask sheet
It was suggested that I split the article into my own topic. So here goes.
Read and apply it, or stay on the phone for inconsistent browsing.
In order to achieve your revenue target, you need to be able to return to the number of dials you need.
Yes, the quality of your list may be poor, which will affect the proportion of your dial-up to the conversation. No question.
However, if you don't keep track of the dial, you'll never find this out, other than feeling that it takes a lot of dial to talk to someone.
If your list is bad, don't you want to know as soon as possible so you can change your source? !
Also, you can track these numbers every day, every week, every month and all the time (it's easy to do by spreadsheet ).
Your skills and phone number sources will all improve, so these ratios will improve over time.
But you have to start somewhere.
In two years of intensive operation and management training, this sentence was hit in my mind.
This is how you are constantly improving your situation.
So how do we get back to the number of dials we need to achieve our revenue goals?
Let's say our revenue target for six months is $50,000.
I know it's good for newbies.
You design the website and decide that $1,000 is the average price you are satisfied.
So, we know that in order to reach our goal, we have to sell 50 such things in 6 months.
You 've just started making exploration calls, so you know your ratio isn't going to be big yet.
Because you don't have actual data at this time, you use the tough ratio of 20 dials for a conversation, and another hard ratio of 20 conversations for a sale.
You might be better than that, and at this point you can adjust your numbers, but it's a good start now.
So, in order to get a sale, we predict 20 dial-up x 20 conversation = 400 dial-up to get a sale.
It looks a bit high, but our newbie is not very good on the phone yet.
At this point, we would rather overestimate than underestimate.
400 dials for sale in 6 months = 400x50 = 20,000 dials! Whew!
6 months = 6x4 weeks x 5 days = 120 working days to make these dials.
20,000/120 = hit 167 turntables every day to hit the target. Worst case. Gulp.
But now you know.
20 dialing a day is not possible.
50 dial-ups a day won't get you there.
Two months later, for example, you developed some skills.
The real number you are going through is 15 dials to get the conversation and 12 conversations to get the order.
The 15x12 = 180 dial is now on sale and these are your real numbers, so, you will need to call a total of 180x50 = 9,000 turntables in 6 months to achieve your money goals.
This is 9,000/120 working days = 75 dials per day. Whew.
Now, you start adding other exploration methods to your plan: referrals, talks, webinars, joint ventures, etc.
These will all have their own conversion rates (E. G.
The correct recommendation will be closed in more than 50% of the time, which means that if you get 2 points in a month, there is a good chance that you will close 1 point. . .
This eliminates the need for 400 dials for our brand of spanking novices, isn't it? ).
These really add up.
Entering your business for 6 months, you should have leads and leads from other sources so that the exploration phone can be used as a source, not as heavily dependent as your source of income. Make sense?
This is something that distinguishes amateurs from professionals who want consistent, measurable results.
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