how to fuel for focus – performance nutrition for the mind - can avocado be used as a facial mask

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how to fuel for focus – performance nutrition for the mind - can avocado be used as a facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-22
how to fuel for focus – performance nutrition for the mind  -  can avocado be used as a facial mask
As a sports dietitian, I focus most of my work on how to meet the physical needs of elite athletes.
However, a less obvious component of my work is to refuel the brain.
Use science only
Based on evidence and avoidance experiments, nutrition and delicious meal plans have been developed to support the brain in getting the best focus, mental clarity, and even in improving reaction time.
Scientific research provides a solid foundation for us to link lifestyle with cognitive brain function.
The food we eat also affects our thinking and feelings.
Although our head is only 3 pounds (which is 2-
3% of your weight)
The brain consumes an amazing 20-
We eat 30% calories.
If you can't feed your brain well, you won't be able to make the most of your performance potential.
Discipline with maximum exercise potential, expert respiratory control, sleep, stress management, positive relationships and nutritious food are the secret to training the brain to gain mental advantage.
Working on these details on a daily basis will develop stronger responsiveness, intuition and the ability to compensate during challenging times.
Athletes often face the stimulation of the nervous system (fight-or-flight)
Stay more hard in the paranormal area (rest-and-digest). The fight-or-
If you 've ever been on a roller coaster, you may feel that the flight system is too hasty. When the fight-or-
Flight systems dominate, and training tools that stabilize breathing speed help focus.
The ability to work hard and then transition to meaningful breaks optimizes recovery.
The American Academy of Neurology recently reported that daily exercise can slow aging for 10 years.
Delivering excellent blood flow and oxygen to the brain helps us in the short and long term.
The physical and emotional benefits of exercise lasted more than 12 hours, improving the quality of sleep.
This is very important because sleep is another factor that nourishes the brain's powerful functions and attention.
If you want to be sharp in mind, please pay attention to getting 7-
Sleep eight hours a night.
After all, lack of sleep has been shown to be associated with a decline in brain function similar to drunkenness.
We have all been there.
The day after pulling one, the vague feelingnighter. It's why all-
In college, the night owl who is temporarily cramming for a big exam is better to have a good rest.
When we don't continue to sleep all night, our body produces too many stress hormones called cortical hormones.
We can measure cortisol levels in blood and saliva at the same time to understand how stress, sleep and hormones affect our overall health --being.
Cortisol may trigger a domino effect that can trigger ongoing fighting. or-
Flight status, resulting in a decrease in the number of stem cells converted into neurons in the long run, resulting in a decrease in cognitive function.
The Cortisol test can not only indicate whether athletes have enough sleep, but also help us understand if they are not sleeping enough.
Recovery, excessive
Train or consume too much caffeine.
There are many different ways for the Detroit Red Wing to manage stress and gain focus.
You often see players following their game with headphones before
The game ceremony of listening to music.
Scientific research supports this to have a positive impact on performance.
In a cry
In Detroit, a recent study found that listening to Eminem music can increase running speed by 10%!
Rhythm, rhythm and emotional resonance contributed to this growth.
Music is also more easily linked to sports feelings.
In addition, listening to music can increase the release of dopamine, reduce blood pressure, and increase the blood flow of the brain.
Learning to play and read music also has a great impact on the development of the brain.
A healthy diet has long been linked to the prevention of type II diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer, but it also improves mood, cognition and even memory.
If you are overweight, the oxygen delivery of the brain and the size of the brain will actually decrease.
Eliminating the intake of processed foods, simple sugar and trans fats is the first step in improving overall health.
Other benefits observed from various sources are as follows: I think many would agree that having a good cup of coffee or tea would help clear the spider web in the morning.
A typical cup of coffee contains about 100 mg.
Caffeine is the right amount to increase your feelings
A good chemical called dopamine.
It is worth noting that the more the better, the more anxiety it can actually cause and disrupt sleep patterns.
Be sure to choose great-
High quality coffee, avoid instant powder containing mycotoxin. Omega-
3 is essential for a healthy brain cell structure.
The brain is made up of 60% fat, but we have to be careful to avoid inflammatory fat (
Heating omega-trans fat6-
Fatty acids, etc. )
It will hurt our body.
Instead, it is better to eat healthier fats such as cold fat
Water-rich fish, Chiya seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, avocado and seaweed. Omega-
3 like a supplement to Nordic nature, with the proper certification of the NSF, available for professional sports. L-
Tea is an amino acid in black tea and green tea. L-
Tea is found to promote cognitive and alpha brain wave activity, which can counter beta waves generated by stress.
It also has a calming effect and helps with concentration.
Matcha with five-
Twice as much as regular green or black tea.
Matcha also has 10-
Antioxidants are twice as high as green tea.
The receptor for vitamin D in the brain contributes to nerve growth, protects neurons, and contributes to the production of neurotransmitters.
The heart delivers about 60 liters of blood to the brain every hour, providing nutrition and oxygen for the best function.
If our body lacks nutrition, it will also affect our brain.
Make sure you either eat foods with high vitamin D or spend time in direct sunlight to activate the body's own vitamin D production.
Low levels of vitamin D are associated with slower information processing in the brain.
The locker room is full of messy stuff, and our coaching staff often chews a few pieces of bubble gum.
Many chewing gum can help relieve stress and increase attention because the chewing mechanism increases blood flow and oxygen in the brain.
Research into whether gum can improve memory, attention, and attention has not yet been finalized.
If you choose to chew gum, be sure to choose a brand with natural ingredients.
When athletes achieve breakthrough performance, they usually refer to "thinking about matter ".
Therefore, refueling the brain is as important as refueling the body.
We can all be champions in our daily lives by recognizing ways to build resilience and calm battles --or-Flight response.
We encourage our players to pay attention to details when experiencing peak performance.
Did they have a relaxing mineral spring bath and a good night's sleep the night before the game, or a relaxing lunch with fresh vegetables, laughter from wild Alaska salmon and a lot of friends, or maybe just traffic --
Drive to Joe for free and sip a glass of great Joe while heading to Eminem "the mind can imagine, it can come true ". " -
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