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how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress | ehow - how to say skin care products in spanish

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-20
how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress | ehow  -  how to say skin care products in spanish
There are several ways to remove bed bugs from the mattress.
However, if there are bed bugs on the mattress, there is a good chance that they are also elsewhere ---
Includes box springs, actual bed posts, headboards, baseboards, carpets, sheets, clothes, and any other small spaces that bugs may hide.
Getting rid of your mattress won't solve your problem.
Bugs also live on the bed and also in the cracks and gaps around your bed.
They can also be hidden on a sofa, chair, or where bed bugs may find feeding.
Moving to another apartment may not be able to get rid of them either as they travel quite well.
However, do it with heart.
These steps can help you get rid of them.
Find and observe the bug.
You want to make sure it's a bug, not some other pain.
For photos of bugs, see the link in our resources section for a closer comparison with what you found.
Remove all your bedding.
Check every crack, Gap or indent inside and around the mattress.
Do the same for your box springs, check the top, bottom and sides of both mattresses.
While you can look for bugs during the day, they will be easier to find at night because that's when their internal clock tells them to wake up and start feeding.
If you are looking for it at night, use your flashlight and look for small animals that crawl.
They will be active at this point in time, so if you see any small insect moving, check your findings and see if it is a bug.
Bugs don't move if you're watching during the day, so your mission will be more challenging.
Spray or squander bugs in contact.
It takes a lot of time and patience because it requires people to find every bug.
These insects breed quickly and can breed for three generations in a year.
Wash all the sheets and surrounding clothes in the hottest environment.
Reaching temperatures of at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit will surely kill bugs.
If you do not wash the sheets, carpets and clothes, the bugs may be hidden here and will be transferred to your mattress soon.
If the bed bug is small, spreading bed bug powder on the bed should eliminate it.
You can also buy steam cleaners that combine high temperatures with pesticides to kill bugs.
This powder is a good choice because it is more likely to attach to bugs than spraying pesticides.
If there is a serious infection-
Your bugs are visible during the day. -
The best way is to use as many methods as possible (with professional help ).
Steam is used for all the bugs and they die.
As mentioned, high temperatures kill bugs (at all stages of growth ).
You can purchase steam cleaners from the bug powder website (see resources ).
You can also choose to find another safe steam cleaner on the mattress.
If there is a serious infection, please contact your exterminator to find out what type of container they can provide for your bedding furniture.
Please be professional.
This can be very expensive.
In many cases, however, this is a mandatory step due to the flexibility of these errors.
The Exterminator will handle all other areas of your mattress and house that may be infected, including your sofa, chair and all rooms.
The Exterminator will know how to remove the bug and use the appropriate chemicals.
Make sure that the exterminator uses any or all of the following chemicals: Will BP-300 or BP-
50 (over a red), Pyrenone 50 (anti-fever medicine), Tempo (chlorfluon) and/or suspension (chlorfluon ).
All of these chemicals kill adult bugs, but some of them are actually adapted to pesticides and can be very resilient.
Not all of these chemicals will kill bug eggs, so discuss your options with your exterminator.
It is also an option to completely fumigate the house because the pests are out of control.
Another option is to purchase vinyl mattresses and pillowcases at any bedding store.
All size mattresses are equipped with Bed Bath and Beyond.
These covers don't necessarily kill bugs themselves, but if used with pesticides, they catch bugs and want to suffocate them with poison.
Anyway, the cover is the boundary between you and the bug.
Buy or rent bug traps.
Some traps have been developed to detect and eliminate bugs.
It is also very expensive and it will not work under extreme influence.
These traps attract and kill bugs.
You can buy a bed bug trap at night, but it won't work completely without a complete elimination.
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