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How to get skinny legs by cutting off muscle - korean skin care products in the philippines

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-31
How to get skinny legs by cutting off muscle  -  korean skin care products in the philippines
It is also quite popular in Korea and Japan, where women are undergoing calf surgery to reduce calf muscles and thus gain slimmer legs.
Similar to the Japanese, Korean legs are generally shorter than Caucasian and black, and in this country you may often see women with very developed calf muscles, although they did not do any muscle training to build the area.
Many women, especially those in South Korea, believe that muscular legs are not sexy and stressful in trying to remove natural fat, because in many cases the muscles are not fat.
I think most western men find muscular legs sexy to some extent, but not in the Far East.
Many Asian men prefer skinny legs, especially since there are many in Korea recently.
Popular) all the girls groups that are now popular in Japan, they all seem to have exact shapes. g. \"Kara\".
Fortunately for some, cosmetic surgeons can get thin legs by removing excess muscles.
This is a type of calf surgery called calf breast augmentation.
Sounds like a bloody surgery?
Not at all, they have a way to insert the sharp needle-like device on the operation into the calf area, cutting off certain nerves that cause the excess muscles to relax and naturally shrink.
This is a very fast operation, very affordable, but it will take a few months to recover. About 70%-
During a typical operation, 80% of the muscles were removed, and the remaining muscles were sufficient to allow the patient to continue normal daily activities, to make their legs slimmer and to have a slimmer appearance.
Many foreigners have gone to South Korea or Japan to undergo this calf surgery for skinny legs, and this trend has also spread to some parts of China due to the relatively low cost of surgery.
See below.
Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with the previous photo, but many women prefer less curved legs that are "back" thinner.
In the survey above, I see that the vast majority of people prefer "post pictures ".
It would be interesting to see the demographics of the people who voted.
Foreigners living in Asian countries tend not to mind women with a fuller figure, which is very obvious when you watch international couples together.
It's also interesting to see what men think, but the results don't show gender.
Genes and races usually play a role in the shape of the leg, however, certain lifestyles encourage the leg to become thicker or the shape of the leg.
For example, women wearing high heels who stand for a long time may get large and thick calves because the muscles in the area are constantly stimulated.
For Asians (Far East), too much exercise can lead to a disproportion of calf muscles, which may even look larger than the thighs.
And women of African descent will gain weight in the thigh, and the weight of the calf will be much less.
The movement you do may also change the shape of a leg, but not for everyone.
Since this is a muscle that cannot be easily scaled down, a good fitness trainer should be able to show how to shape your legs so that the muscles are not concentrated in a specific area.
Extending muscles by stretching can also lead to thinner calves. 1.
Try not to spend too much time on foot balls.
Try to avoid footballs as you move around, which puts pressure on the calf muscles. 2.
Cardiovascular exercise is a very good way to lose weight, especially the calf muscles.
The best way to do aerobic exercise is to do it with minimal resistance.
It takes a longer time and a very slow pace to complete.
Therefore, try not to adhere to the flat surface of the uphill or rugged terrain.
Completely avoid any practice that requires strength or strength. 3.
Avoid too much jump activity or exercise or extend time as this can lead to overwork in the lower leg. 4.
Avoid any climbing if possible.
The use of stairwells and similar exercises needs to be avoided. 5.
If you're going to do weight training, make sure you use the lighter weight and do more reps.
Doing less reps with heavier weight will only cause your leg muscles (including those in the lower leg) to become larger. 6.
Stretching is very important.
Stretching can stretch your muscles and make them slimmer.
You can try yoga and Pilates with the best stretching. 7.
Try to rotate a few times a month and change your calf weight loss practice.
If your muscles are used to the same movement all the time, they may become ineffective. 8.
The work of standing around will not only put a lot of pressure on the lower leg, but will also encourage varicose veins, which may not be beautiful and increase the overall quality.
After living in Asia for ten and a half years, I am happy to see some women take great pride in their natural leg muscles and even develop further like this Vietnamese woman in the photo.
The legs are strong, but they are beautiful and attractive.
She may be more difficult to build her upper body due to genetic reasons, but she does a good job and her physique is appealing as well. The K-
The pop Day "Kara" seems to work with many other similar groups in the Far East.
South Korea is known not only for leg surgery, but also for plastic surgery.
Many people suspect that these girls have experienced all this at such a young age.
Their legs are all in the same shape, which is what most asian girls are eager for today.
Many women with bent legs may even be labeled as fat, although they are not technically fat.
The Japanese tend to think that the same plastic surgeon deals with the whole group.
Even from facial features, this is quite obvious.
But watch the video below.
The far right leg looks beautiful and has good muscle quality, and maybe she has been cut off since then.
As we all know, many Korean women have also undergone calf reduction surgery in order to wear fashionable knee high boots.
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