How to Get the Dirt and Grime Out Of Your Clothes Washing Machine - how to remove tissue from wet

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How to Get the Dirt and Grime Out Of Your Clothes Washing Machine - how to remove tissue from wet clothes

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-13
How to Get the Dirt and Grime Out Of Your Clothes Washing Machine  -  how to remove tissue from wet clothes
How to remove dirt and dirt from the washing machine.
Recently, when my wife opened the washing machine after a washing cycle and found that everything inside had a little bit of black dirt stuck on it, we had a real problem.
What we have is a Fisher & Paykel washing machine of quite good quality, which has a history of five years.
We did what everyone might do first.
After taking all the clothes out, we did a full hot wash with detergent with a completely empty machine, thinking it would get rid of it. It didn\'t.
I then went to the local DIY store and bought a pair of small faucet filters, thinking that the problem might have been caused by the old pipes that went into the machine.
So I went home and took apart the tubes that went into the washing machine and found that they already had filters and they were clean anyway.
So the old water inlet is not the problem either.
Then I saw on the Internet what others have done to solve the problem.
They always use bleach and white vinegar and an empty machine to give it a full hot water wash as we did.
For many sites I actually don't think they have any problems because their solution doesn't work.
So, I decided that the problem was deeper than those suggestions and I was going to take the top of the washing machine apart to see what the problem was.
By the way, I noticed a rather stagnant water scent when I turned on the machine for weeks, so I guess it's not surprising that it suddenly becomes a problem.
I fixed this and now I will guide you to where it is.
Even if you don't have the same problem as us, you will have the same problem over time, so you should clean it up this way anyway.
This dirt is disgusting.
I washed a favorite white jersey covered with it, and when I tried to wipe it off (when it was wet) the dirt was actually a bit like grease.
But running it under a cold tap does fall off.
Take out the top container on the central mixer and pour the washing powder or liquid into it.
Looking down from the bottom you will see a large nylon screw that holds the mixer on top. Undo this.
Pull the mixer out of the dishes.
There will be some dirt inside it.
Spray your cleaner on it and remove everything.
Look down at your empty washing machine bowl and you will see the shaft rack supporting the mixer.
We have three screws. maybe you have more.
Take them out carefully no matter how many, make sure they don't leave you and disappear at the bottom where the pump is located.
This is your main problem.
This is a photo that we all cleaned up, but the mixer board you just removed and below are black with dirty dirt.
I took an old toothbrush and sprayed some detergent on both and then made a big scrub for them.
For plates left at the bottom, spray the detergent on it, then cook a pot of water and pour the water on it.
Dirt will disappear in front of your eyes, go down the drain hole at the bottom of the washing machine, and then leave the washing machine the next time you wash. Problem sorted.
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