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How to Give Your Man a Pedicure - epsom salts facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-24
How to Give Your Man a Pedicure  -  epsom salts facial mask
Did you climb into a clean and warm bed with your husband and get scratched by his horrible man's feet and toenails?
I don't know why, but men in my life always have the roughest, the toughest, the meanest and the ugliest feet;
Seriously, their nails will cut you if you get close.
I'm still working on my husband's feet.
He seems to like his calluses as if he worked hard for them or something, but I am determined to conquer these feet and nails at some point.
If your man's feet and nails are in condition with giving them-
Home pedicure is the best way to start attacking head problemson. Step-by-Step At-
Here is a step. by-
The Step tutorial will take you through what you can do to make your husband's nightmare feet softer and easier to manage.
Pedicure is not just for women, men have problems with feet and nails, they may need pedicure more than we do. 1.
Step 1, prepare a bathtub, foot tub or wide bucket with hot water and soak your husband's feet for 5 to 10 minutes.
You can add Epsom salt to the water to relieve tired and sore feet.
Lavender laxative is my personal favorite salt as it helps to soothe and relax you and your husband.
You can also add different essential oils to help you penetrate your feet with a large scent, some of which you can use include;
Mint, lavender, Holly and lemon.
You can buy 1 feet scrub or you can make it yourself using some of the following ingredients: Brown Sugar, Mexican vanilla, lemon/Mint/lavender oil and olive oil.
Just mix these ingredients (choose an oil, or Mexican vanilla as a scent) in a small bowl with a spoon and you have your own homemade sugar scrub, perfect for rough and ruthless2.
With an egg, or a rough pumice, lift one of his feet from the tub and start to fall off the dead skin.
Pay special attention to the heel and the bottom of the foot, these parts are usually the most rough.
When you finish with 1 feet, put it back in the water and take the other one out to do the same thing.
It's a good idea when the feet are still wet and have been soaked for a while, because the dead skin becomes soft and ready to fall off.
After shedding as much dead skin as possible, it's time to scrub his feet.
Use the sugar scrub you bought or made at home;
Take out 1 feet at a time, take a small palm full of sugar scrub, and apply it to his feet with a round motion, all the way to his calf.
Apply a little pressure and this will be a very good foot massage when the scrub is trying to exfoliate.
Once you put your feet back in the tub, do the same for the other foot.
After washing the sugar scrub, you may need to replace the water. 3.
Lift one of his feet onto the towel, pat it dry, and apply the foot mud mask with the palm of his hand.
The video on the right shows the process for those who want to see how it's done professionally.
Again, put a little pressure on it and it becomes a wonderful foot massage.
Once you 've finished applying the mask, you can cover your feet with a clay mask bag, or simply use ceran packaging and don't wrap it too tightly.
Once the plastic is wrapped around your feet, you can wrap your feet with a towel to keep your feet/calves warm.
Do the same for the other foot, let them sit for a few minutes and really soak in the clay. 4.
After the clay is done, you will want to wash his feet again and now you can put the tub/water away.
It's time for the fine.
Adjust the foot file manager.
You can get a nice foot file at a fairly cheap price on the store or Amazon.
Do the same thing, you will do the same thing, in rough tilt, round motion, pay special attention to the heel and the bottom of the foot. 5.
It's time to clip/Archive and clean up your toenails.
Depending on how hard his toe nails are, you may struggle for a while, but soaking, scrubbing and Clay should help soften the nails.
First, cut his nails as directly as possible and leave a little white.
Next, use a file to shape these toes and remove the rough edges.
There is usually a small piece of pointed stuff on your nail clippers;
Use it to clean under the toenails. 6.
The next step is to take care of his nails.
Drop one or two drops of skin oil on each toenail and rub it with your fingers to make sure it gets into all the corners and gaps.
Gently push the skin back to the bottom and sides of the nail using your skin stick/push.
Next, you can use the skin cut/scissors to remove the nails and other nails or skins that may be hung on the side. 7. Multi-
I like to use these more
Slice file/buff/shine file for my nails and toenails;
You can also use one on his nails.
Just use each side and follow the numbers.
At the end of the day, his toe nails had been perfectly polished. 8.
Your last step is to moisturize his feet with a lotion, preferably an alcohol-free lotion to dry them to lock all the moisture that his feet have just exposed.
You can turn it into a mini. Massage.
My husband likes to use O'Keeffe's foot cream a lot after pedicure.
What better Father's Day gift than you do at home instead of spending a lot of money?
If your man is a father, you can fix his feet as a Father's Day gift, and both of you will be grateful.
Don't you want to touch your feet?
If you can't stand working on your husband's feet, let him watch/follow this very simple step on his own --by-step tutorial.
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