how to groom a horse and why by jennifer allbright - how to use gentle magic skin care products-NO

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how to groom a horse and why by jennifer allbright - how to use gentle magic skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-22
how to groom a horse and why by jennifer allbright  -  how to use gentle magic skin care products
Combing horses safely and correctly is an important part of daily horse care.
It is a great time to check if there is any problem with the skin, back and waist area of the horse and to understand how the horse felt that day.
Before you take the horse out for a horse ride or exercise, you should make it a groom.
It can help them stay healthy and good-looking.
First, tie the horse to a ring or safety rope attached to the solid.
If the horse pulls back, you don't want the cage head of the horse to be tied to something that will swing or pull out of the ground.
Rings or sturdy fence posts used for binding on the wall usually work well.
You can also use crossover
If you have two rings and crossesties.
Next, pick the feet of the horse.
This is one of the most important steps, so do it first so you don't forget.
Stand on the left side of the horse, close to his left front leg, facing the tail of the horse.
Slide your left hand from the back of his leg to the last big joint-scraps of paper and squeeze it a little.
The horse should pick up his hoof and let you hold it.
On the other hand, use a hoof pick, pick out any rock and remove any dirt from around the frog and inside the shoe line.
The frog is a soft, raised triangular area located in the center of the foot.
You don't want to scratch or pierce this.
You just want to clear the indented area of the soles of your feet.
If a horse doesn't pick up his feet right away, you can just giggle or "get up" and encourage the horse to pick up his feet.
You can also try to lean on the shoulder of the horse and remove his weight from his feet so it is easier to lift.
After picking all 4 feet pieces, take a Curry rubber comb and brush the whole body with a circular motion.
Avoid the calf and head as it is a bone area and requires gentle brushing of your teeth.
Curry will bring dust, dirt and dead skin to the top surface of the coating so that it can be brushed off.
Some horses like strong curry and some hate it, so try to be gentle at first.
To clean up the curry comb, tap it on the fence to remove the dirt.
Next, brush loose dirt and hair off using a body brush.
Brush along the direction of hair growth to smooth the hair while you brush.
Flick the brush at the end of the brush stoke, trying to remove all dirt from the coat.
Occasionally, you need to clean the brush fiber by brushing the fiber on the curry comb.
Finally, follow up with a soft brush to further smooth the hair and apply natural grease along the coat.
That's why the horse shines.
You can also brush your calf and face carefully with a soft brush.
The tail, the first use of the comb agent spray or gel and other cowboy magic, gloss, Mane 'n Tail comb agent, or EQyss survivors.
This prevents tangled hair from being ripped off when you brush your tail.
Some people think you should never brush your tail because the hair will be torn off.
If you are careful, start at the bottom and brush only a short section at a time, you should not pull out a lot of hair.
You can brush the horse mane without worrying, because most horses are thin and short.
If you have a long time
An adult breed like Arabic or Friesian, you will want to treat it as carefully as you do your tail.
In addition, use a clean and damp towel to gently wipe any dirt or dust in the eye area and nostrils.
Most horses learn to appreciate this.
You will also be grateful because when the horse blows nose he won't get so many horses on you!
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