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How to Grow My Natural Hair - definition of natural skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-04
How to Grow My Natural Hair  -  definition of natural skin care products
What is natural hair?
So, you may not know at all what natural hair is, but don't worry I'll break it down for you.
Natural hair is the hair that has not been altered by a chemical straightener. it is the real hair, that is, the hair is what it looks like from the scalp.
No relaxant, no dye, nothing that changed the original shape of the hair was applied.
Well, not everyone has a problem with their natural hair, but some people have all kinds of difficulties with their natural hair.
Some people are too strong to even break the comb. some people are too disobedient to understand these words;
"Put It Down", some put the hair stylist aside, some put all these questions together! wow.
Many people, including celebrities, have started their natural hair journey.
The day to celebrate relaxation has passed.
Some believe that the use of liberators is a form of acceptance of Western definitions of beauty;
Straight hair, curly hair, silky.
Some people think that many people (especially Nigerians) still have a colonial mentality, and some even say that this is the result of self-hatred!
Why else would it twist the original shape of the hair?
No matter what the reason you go to naturanga, whether it's a relaxing person that does damage to your hair or you feel funky and want to do something new, or you agree with one of the above reasons it's not as important as the journey, I'm sure you have some questions.
There are a few things you need to know during this trip to naturalism.
However, the first thing you need to know is: you have to cut all your hair to grow new hair, which is not true!
Now it's just a lie.
You don't need to be bald or get the streets into chaos.
There is something called transitional hair on this sister Tour.
When you let your natural hair grow under your relaxed hair (often referred to as a lack of growth ).
It just means you have to deal with two different textures of hair.
So a lot of people transition for six months and some go for a year before cutting the top of their hair, which is loose or damaged hair.
It depends on how long you are willing to go.
I heard that the longest is two years.
Baby, the ball is in your court, it's your decision, it's probably also your stylist's decision.
This is another option for this hair tour.
When you decide to continue to be "safe", it is to cut off all your hair and let the new hair grow out.
Believe me, this baby, not everyone can rock. Whew!
Talk about social chaos.
Still in the spirit of not making a choice for anyone, research has shown that those who continue to "Slash" see results faster than those who transform.
Maybe it's nature's compensation.
If you have never had or kept natural hair, then I should be the one to break this.
Relaxation is very different from natural hair.
Different textures, different curly patterns, and more importantly, different care procedures.
Just as you care about your skin, it is very important to take care of your hair.
The first thing to remember is to keep your hair moist and leave it in the conditioner.
In the evening, cover the hair with a satin cap to lock the moisture.
Avoid styling.
Do a protective hairstyle once in a while.
Wash your hair regularly at least every ten days.
Use more natural products on hair and avoid using chemicals.
Avoid combing too tightly.
These are few, but remember that they will make your journey a lot smoother.
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