How to Grow your Hair Longer without Biotin Treatment - how often should you put on a facial mask

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How to Grow your Hair Longer without Biotin Treatment. - how often should you put on a facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-23
How to Grow your Hair Longer without Biotin Treatment.  -  how often should you put on a facial mask
Most of us are obsessed with beautiful long beach curls and we think this is the perfect hair!
How did our hair grow out, long and beautiful?
Let me tell you what's going on.
After a while, I did a lot of experiments on my hair, made homemade masks, bought chemical products, took vitamins, or took pills, and finally I found out that it was for me.
My hair has been growing and, more importantly, it is healthy and shiny and an enviable thing.
It sounds like the dream is coming true, isn't it?
I got this trick and treat from super models such as Miranda Kerr, Lindsay ellinsen [, Candice swannpur.
, And no biotin processing is required at all!
Let's also help you realize your dreams.
We are all girls and I bet we all dream of having beautiful and healthy long hair that makes us feel more beautiful.
You may have it, but you cut it off, or it is damaged, so there are a lot of forks.
Or you may have cut your hair short for a long time, or even cut it short like a genie, but now you're obsessed with growing them longer.
Or you want to prevent hair loss.
Whatever your reason is, our wishes are the same and I will help you to achieve it.
It was not until a year ago when I cut my long hair that I had a beautiful long hair.
The reason behind my action is that I'm tired of sunburned sun, no life, damage, broken hair, and at this point it doesn't seem to be back in the right mood.
So, I solved the problem with scissors.
I cut my hair long. bob side.
This style looks good on me, I feel very good, a new me.
But this great feeling does not last.
After a while, I found my long hair missing, so I started searching and clicking on every link on the Internet, hoping the hair would grow long.
The second secret: nature makes its own mask!
Yes, I said homemade masks didn't help me, but I did find a mask that was very helpful to me.
In fact, you don't need a lot of ingredients.
You only need one ingredient to find in the kitchen.
What you use to cook, and salad sauce.
Olive oil. That's all.
Pour the olive oil into a bowl and gradually heat it.
You can use the oven as well as the microwave, but I suggest you use the oven as you can control the heat.
Pay attention to the temperature of the oil, you don't want it to burn your skin, so be sure to try it with your fingers.
It should not burn, it should only feel warm, not hot.
If you use hot oil, it will let your hair fall, not grow out!
So be very careful.
When it's hot enough, so when you touch it, you can put up with the heat on your fingers, remove it from the oven [or microwave] and go to the bathroom.
Comb your hair as you bend forward.
After that, apply the olive oil from the roof to the end of the hair with your hands.
Don't wear gloves because they break their hair and hurt them.
When you apply olive oil to all the length of your hair, keep your head down in such a state for about 4 minutes.
The reason is that the blood will circulate better in your head skin, which will make it easier for your hair to absorb all the nutrients.
Then, put on the towel and put on the mask for about 30 minutes.
You can also sleep with a mask if you can bear it, but in this case, wear a shower cap and put a towel on the pillow.
When you take a shower, wash your hair well, remove all the oil and put on the conditioner as usual.
Do not rub your hair with a towel because the towel will cause the hair to break.
Do not massage the scalp with your nails, because you will leave scars there even if you can't see them.
Scars can damage the hair, and your nails can even make the hair fall off because they can make the skin of the hair weak.
Use the flat part of your fingertips. It is anti-
Aging, you can put it on your face, keep it for 30 minutes and rinse it clean. Anti-
It won't do extra damage to your hair or clothes, just be careful not to sprinkle too much gum on your clothes.
It can fight diabetes and you can use olive oil in everything you cook and every salad.
It is a makeup remover that removes makeup with cotton balls and olive oil and cleans the skin. Oil pulling -
You can keep it in your mouth with olive oil for about 2-
Move the tongue for 3 minutes and spit it out.
Be careful not to swallow it.
Rinse your mouth and remove the remaining bacteria.
Let me tell you a little secret: Coconut oil is the best option to help nourish your hair and heal your fork!
I found this out when I was mad at my hair and the fork I wanted to cut short.
I left a little coconut oil in my container so I decided to do a spa day at home.
I wore coconut masks for about 6 hours on my hair.
Then I took a shower.
When I blow my hair dry and check again, there is no fork!
At least not as much as I started.
Every time a fork makes me angry, I decide not to cut my hair, but to treat my hair.
Because you can damage your hair, don't comb your hair when it's wet.
Wear homemade hair film every two weeks.
Try to prevent the use of heat on your hair when it is not necessary.
Try not to wear any hair products you really don't need. -
Toxic chemicals
Don't wash your hair every day.
If you have to do so, then do not use shampoo every day.
Wash your hair every two days
Wash your hair for a day, just rinse it with clear water.
Rinse your hair with cold water if you can bear it, as it will make your hair more shiny and close the pores to prevent hair loss.
Divide your hair into two parts.
Tie them togetherKnot again.
If your hair length allows, knot it again.
Fixed with thin elastic band.
Wrap it up yourself
Fix it with a bobby pin and a little hairspray if you need it.
If you hate that part
Lines that appear in the middle of your back head, then separate your hair in this way and secure them with clear or colored rubber bands.
If you have bangs that want to get your face off or don't want to get it off, then this French braid is the way you're going.
Simple and fast, you only need to go to the front line to make a fish tail braids called French braids.
Wrap a clear elastic band at the end and secure it with a bobby pin.
No hairspray is required.
Catch the hair.
Twist it yourself.
Then move it to the other side and keep it straight.
Fix it with bobby pins and hairspray.
Then twist the rest of the hair.
Move it to the other side and put it in the first part.
Fix it with bobby pins and hairspray.
Hide the ends in twisted hair.
This is the usual top knot, the simplest bread you might wear.
If you don't know how to make this bread as perfect as it is in this photo, I would suggest you use socks.
If you don't like to send buns or ponytails, you can comb your hair very long.
Straight hair with soft waves at the end.
Straight hair.
Wave hair.
Straight hair at the top of the head and huge beach waves at the end.
In order to keep your hair shiny, healthy and beautiful without bifurcation and other damage, don't forget to apply a gel or cream specifically designed to protect your hair from high temperatures.
Every time you take a shower, use a hair dryer whether you want to straighten your hair or not.
Hair can even be damaged by the heat of the Sun or the temperature of the day.
After you shape your hair, fix them with hair gel and don't forget to polish your hair with hair cream as well.
Don't spoil the look unless you have curls or curls.
If you have curly hair, put a hair cream on your wet hair after the shower and spread dry with a hair dryer.
The cream will give more bounce and volume to the curls.
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