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How to Keep Aging Skin Healthy - image skin care products uk

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-01
How to Keep Aging Skin Healthy  -  image skin care products uk
Don't wait until you reach an age.
Before the signs of age begin to show up, you need to know how to take care of aging skin.
Here's a guide on how the skin is going from 20 to 70 and how to keep the skin healthy.
When does aging begin? By your mid-
In your late 20 s, you will begin to notice the appearance of fine lines around your eyes.
Even if it looks like this, it doesn't happen overnight.
You started when you were about 20.
When collagen starts to decrease at a rate of 1% per year, or if you don't have the habit of sun protection, it will be faster.
That's why you should think about it.
Aging skin care before you enter the age of 20.
Through simple skin care procedures, early signs of aging can be minimized;
Wash your face twice a day with soap
Free facial cleanser, non-use
Toner, often moisturizing.
Moisturizer is available for each skin type, including oily and acne.
Massage up and out as you apply the cream.
This "train" the skin of the face to fight against gravity, thus delaying the appearance of sagging and wrinkles. Another anti-
The trick to aging is to pat the face with a facial cleansing sponge along the chin, eyebrows, bridge of nose and nasolabial groove.
This helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and frown lines.
Even on cloudy days, a moisturizer with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 is required.
Time proves that women who always wear hats and sunglasses in the summer are those who maintain good skin quality when they are old.
Whether eye cream is necessary is still controversial.
An ordinary moisturizer may be more sensible, applying eye serum under it to treat problems such as dark circles, swelling, or wrinkles.
The problem with eye creams is that they are often not enough to protect delicate eye areas from elements and to protect the drying effect of central heating and air conditioning.
Try to use hand cream as often as possible, especially after contact with soap and detergent, wear gloves often in cold weather.
If you do not take good care of your skin, you will begin to notice that your facial profile is slightly relaxed at the age of 30, and the lines around your eyes and nasolabial groove will be very prominent.
What you can't do is change the color of the skin.
Because the pigment produced by the body is reduced by about 20%, there is no makeup and you don't look as radiant as you used to be.
In the sun, you will also burn more easily, and it will become more difficult to tan evenly.
Changes in hormonal balance after 30 or 40 years may result in facial hair on the upper lip, chin and neck.
A woman of light skin color can bleach unwanted hair to make it invisible.
Women with dark skin should remove the skin by hair removal or laser.
By the age of 40, your collagen will be at least 20% less than at the age of 20, which causes your profile to yield to gravity.
You will also notice that the fat tissue is reduced in order to keep the skin smooth.
The serum worn under the moisturizer can offset this.
Because the rate of reproduction of dermal cells is slow, the skin is easier to dry.
You may have eczema if you prefer a hot shower and a foam bath.
If you haven't started using shower gel yet.
Circulation is not as effective as it used to be, especially if you smoke.
Make sure you have enough fresh air and exercise and massage your body up and down your shoulders with a bath brush every day.
This also helps prevent cellular inflammation.
By the age of 50, unless you are skin-friendly, you will notice age spots on your hands, and the contours of facial wrinkles and sagging are getting deeper and deeper.
Even if you have handled your skin well, they will not mistakenly assume that everything is going downhill from now on.
Hormone restructuring that occurs during the middle of the year results in poor quality of sebum, enlarged pores, and dry skin.
You sweat less, too.
This is combined with poor sebum quality, meaning that the natural protective barrier of the skin is weakened, which is basically a mixture of sebum and sweat.
To shrink pores, apply serum with vitamin A or alpha-oh acid like ethanol or sa.
These products have the effect of peeling, making the skin thicker.
To keep moisture in the skin, use a rich moisturizer with a high SPF.
Foundation Primer can instantly improve the texture of the skin and improve the appearance of pore expansion.
If you do not use vitamin A or alpha-oh acid, apply the enzyme skin once a week.
For mechanical stripping, use a facial scrub with jojoba beads.
Unlike natural or synthetic solid particles, these particles can clear dead cells without harming the skin.
Because almond oil can repair and mimic the natural barrier of the skin, it is an ideal cleanser for mature skin.
Even the most stubborn dirt and cosmetics, including waterproof mascara, were thrown away.
Massage two teaspoons of almond oil on your face.
Apply a little water until the lotion.
Rinse with warm water.
Dry your face with a cotton pad.
Your skin can only produce enough new cells to make up for the amount of shedding, which is why it may start to become very dry and thin around the age of 60.
The protective barrier will also be further reduced, making the skin vulnerable to bacteria and infection.
In fact, you no longer feel sunburned and severe astringent pain, which indicates that your skin warning system is failing.
Continue to use serum, rich moisturizer, almond oil and sunscreen.
Your body wash, deodorant and Toner should be formulated for sensitive skin to avoid adverse reactions that may be overlooked.
If you have been taking care of yourself for decades, you will receive a lot of compliments about your age of search and, of course, if you choose to reveal how old you are.
Continue to do a good job!
Other problems you may encounter are calluses of feet, knees and elbows, acne around the nose, condyloma acuminatum under the face, hands and arms.
Visit a beautician and/or dermatologist on a regular basis to control the condition.
No matter what type of skin you have, always use a moisturizer. Use only non-
Make sure your day cream contains sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.
Whether in a bath or shower, take a shower in warm water only. Avoid soap-based products.
Apply hand cream as often as possible and wear gloves in cold weather.
Massage the body down from the shoulder with a bath brush every day to help cycle and prevent cellular inflammation.
Massage your face up and out when applying skin care cosmetics. Don\'t smoke.
Alcoholic beverages dehydrate the skin and amplify the pork to a minimum.
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